Saturday, June 09, 2007

Inaya Day's Latest Club Hit

Despite a relatively low profile in her homeland, Inaya Day is becoming something of a local star in Australia. After teaming up with Aussie DJ mrTimothy (or T-Funk, depending on his mood) for a series of hits that include "I Am Tha 1", "Stand By Me" and a cover "The Glamorous Life", Inaya has become something of a fixture on the Australian club scene and a minor chart force. Inaya's latest offering is a collaboration with American DJs Bill Bennett and Pete Masitti but it also has an Australian connection. "Breakaway" is a cover of Big Pig's classic song of the same name, which remains one of the seminal Australian hits of the 1980s.

I would love to post a link to Big Pig's version, which still holds up today, but their bizarre video is yet to appear on youtube. I'm sure I remember the band wearing industrial aprons! Anyway, back to Inaya's version. "Breakaway" has been transformed into a stomping dancefloor anthem, which benefits enormously from Inaya's powerful vocals. Sadly, some of the chanting that made Big Pig's version so original has been lost but the song works remarkably well. My only complaint is that it sounds a little bit too slick. I would love to see what Inaya could create with more freedom to experiment. Hopefully, she will be collecting all of her hit singles on an album one of these days!

"Breakaway" has been picked up by Sony/BMG in Australia and was released on Monday. It's already big in the clubs, so with any luck Inaya could have another hit on her hands. The single contains a plethora of remixes from local DJs and even the obligatory Taylor Square Remix for the poofs, which I'm told is the handiwork of Alex and Rob Taylor. Respect!

You can purchase the single from Chaos, Sanity or iTunes. Check out Inaya Day's glamorous website for more information.

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