Wednesday, June 06, 2007

German Kylie Cover - Aus Meinem Kopf

One of my favourite albums of the year comes from Germany's Erdmoebel. I've been a huge fan of the band since hearing their German language rendition of Wham's "Last Christmas" on the now sadly defunct "Germans Under Cover". Their new album continues the trend of translating English language hits into German. In fact, "No. 1 Hits" is comprised exclusively of German versions of international chart toppers and the first single is a gorgeous interpretation of Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" or "Aus Meinem Kopf"!

Erdmoebel might look like a group of German engineers but there is nothing clinical or cold about their music. The band specialise in a rich, organic sound that seems positively out of place on the current music scene. Unlike most of the fabulous shit I usually listen to, Erdmoebel display some real musicianship and subtlety - without being pretentious or dull. The precise song translations are a delight for German speakers, as is the complete mood transformation that each "hit" receives. The variety of the artists covered is also staggering - Which other act can claim to have covered The Vengaboys, Kylie, Nirvana, Tom Jones, Kraftwerk and Robbie Williams on the one album?

It speaks volumes for the quality of song that it still sounds amazing in a different language, pared right back, without any of the studio wizardry that made it so spectacular in the first place. Erdmoebel achieve just that by turning "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" into a dark and moody, atmospheric groove. The concept sounds awful but it works spectacularly well. "Aus Meinem Kopf" wont drag you to the dance floor but it makes for perfect late night listening. Think of it as a special treat for those rare moments when your ears demand just a little bit of quality. Check out the video clip, which takes place in the not so classy surrounds of someone's crappy office.

I have to thank Magical Froggy for Bierfrau Kylie. From her green face, I'd say she's either had one too many glasses of German goodness or is auditioning for the next Exorcist re-make. "No. 1 Hits" is highly recommended and can be purchased from German Amazon. Check out Erdmoebel's website for more information about the band.


Robpop said...

For the sake of housekeeping i am answering the "What a feeling" post here in the German cover of Kylie thread. Let me take the Flashdance first...

The International versions (I love):


I adore Carola's version of the song. I do think you diss Agnes without hearing her full blown studio version of the song. As covers go its probably most interesting interpretation of the song. For sure, she messed it up royally on Pop Idol but on tour she's managed to sort out her vocals and respect the song that is What A Feeling.

Going back to the song however, Agnes (or rather her producers) update the classic and breathe life into the song. Most covers of the song stick rigidly to the choral electrodance backing track (for example the Young Diva's anthemic cover). Agnes on the other hand updates the song and just pulls it off. Respect her for that at least...(whether or not its actually a good cover remains to be seen)

Staying in Sweden is the absolutely stunning cover of "What a Feeling" by Charlotte Perrelli (she of Swedens most recent Eurovision win). As far I am concerned it is this version that looks at Irene's and says "I can do better than that".

The Global Deejay's is typically Northern. Probably big in places like Liverpool and Newcastle. Such songs are rarely played in clubs in South England. They'd prefer to play the original south of the border. Still, its a glorious trashtastic cover. Seeing as I am from Liverpool (who knew!) I am slightly biased though...

And now to the Australian versions:

Wendy Matthews

This version remembers Moroder's epic quality to the original and up's the ante. Its odd that the melody seems out of place with the vocals. I want to love her version but it falls apart in the verses. However her version is much like a story rather than a pop song. She sits down with you and exposes a narrative of sheer joy. When Kylie asks listeners to describe a feeling, Wendy answers her with this version.

Green Dragon (which i presume is Natasha's version):

And now were back to the comfort zone of the song. You say its the most bizarre of versions. Why? To me it sounds like a carbon copy of the original.

Louis Gaston:

This sounds like it comes from the Eric Prydz school of music. How to make an exciting song tedious.

Young Divas:

Amazing. Just amazing. The rift is slightly perked up with a popper or two with orgasmic results. The many covers of the song reveal lazy ways to interpret classic pop songs. This is not one of them. Further note: you can almost hear the vocals of each singer battle it out for supremacy on this song. Sublime!

Bjorn Again:

I've seen this band live a quite few times (at the Spice Girls/G-a-y) and they are my friends electric. They've added a bit of schlager in the song and some excellent strings which makes this version the most prettiest out of the bunch. It also shows that you don't have to belt out the song (looks at Marcia, Young Divas, Carola, Agnes-live and Charlotte) to make it iconic.

Marcia Hines

She's added bells! She's a star. She's a diva! She's everything that shaped my 16th year on this planet. Her version is probably the best of the bunch. I love the echo on the chorus. Everything about this version works. Note the strings and note the godess-like vocals that Zeus could dance to up in heaven...

The rap version:

Yes it works. Oddly it works. Very summery. It could stand as the radio edit it works so well. I do sputter out my tea with the poetic-esq "Hines-she shines" lyric. It nearly upstages the rap in a mix on Butterfly by Kylie ("K-y-l-i-e. She's doing it for me!"). I love the little interpolation/mash-up at the end. Pure genius.


Aus Meinem Kopf

This song has been covered quite a lot. Everyone from Garbage to Coldplay has interpreted the song. However, this German cover is rather brilliant as it brings out the beautiful essence of obsessive vulnerability in the Dennis/Davis composition through the excellent choice of piano instrumentation. Its up there with the Tori Amos cover of the song. Thank you muchly. I am thinking of picking up German (or spanish) so this perfecto.

(I also love the pic too!)

Trash Addict said...

Thanks for the mega-comment, Rob. It makes for better reading than my post! I have actually heard Agnes' studio version but I just hate her voice and well, her in general. The tart has all the charisma of recycled cardboard. Don't even start me on cunt-faced Carola!

Re- the Aus versions. Wendy just sounds demented. It's like her vocals have been (mis)placed over the already tinny music. She should stick with piano ballads. Natasha's version (Green Dragon)is bizarre because it just sounds like someone singing a karaoke version of the original. She's cool though, I love the fact that Deni's backing vocalist has a record deal - while Deni doesn't! Marcia's R'n'B version makes me weak in the knees. I LOVE it!

I'm usually not keen on CGYOOMH covers (apart from Deirdre Halliwell's stunning interpretation) but this version is just beautiful. Shame about the video clip, though!

gatoinfeliz said...

You should feature the Operacion Triunfo tart Soraya Arnelas. If you want craptastic 80's covers, she released an album of them called Ochenta's (80's) last November in Spain. She has a great voice but it doesn't show due to her awful pronunciation. The first single was Laura Branigan's Self Control. The second was Spagna's Call Me. Check them out in youtube. I think you'll appreciate her next single, Real Life's Send Me An Angel.

The tart has vowed to follow up a volume 2 around September.

Trash Addict said...

Gato, thanks for the recommendation! I've just checked out Soraya on youtube and she totally blew me away with her amazing shows full of ugly drag queens and her bad pronunciation! I've have to search for the CD now, I'm hooked!

gatoinfeliz said...

trash addict, like I said before, if it wasn't for the pronunciation she would actually be sort of decent in english. I was kinda put off by her in spanish because she had a mop-full of hideous blonde hair. She looks way better in black. I was wrong with the 3rd single, it is actually more tragic. The 3rd single is actually Patti Smith's Because The Night with some high energy production where you could actually hear "it's a lot" from Depeche Mode's Master and Servant throughout the song.