Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Australia's Secret Weapon - Brielle Davis

Are gays still banned from the military in this country? If Australia has finally moved out of the dark ages, I'd consider a (very brief) tour of duty if it meant being treated to a private performance by the lovely Brielle Davis! Brielle was recently selected to perform for Australian troops in the troubled city of Honiara in the Solomon Islands along with the Screaming Jets. I'd like to commend the army on their excellent taste - Brielle's recent single "Take It Off" is surely one of the year's best pop releases! I'm sure Brielle's stunning good looks had nothing to do with her selection...

Australian troops - mesmerised by Brielle's... vocal talent

Brielle is currently putting the finishing touches on her first pop album (she released a cute country album as a 12 year old). I still can't get enough of the first two singles, "Serial Thriller" and "Take It Off". Check out the film clip for "Take It Off", which I find particularly classy! Hopefully, Brielle will tell us all about her patriotic mission on her website and Myspace, which is showcasing another excellent new track called "Circles".

In other pop diva related news, Dannii is being stalked to appear on the second series of "Australia's Got Talent". Check out Dannii's Dirty Box for more information!


Miss Halliwell said...

I once entertained the troops in Afghanistan with my much older, fatter, ginger cousin Geri...You may have heard of her?

We did a Spice Girls Medley and shagged 50 of the troops. Then Geri fucked it up by demanding mineral water and moaning about the noise of bombing keeping her awake at night. Some people can be so selfish!

I couldn't hear a thing though, i had a cock in every hole imaginable so the only noise i heard was squelching...

Oh, I love Brie, it's so cheesy. Wasn't she in Neighbours or Prisoner or A Cunty Practice? LOL

Trash Addict said...

Deirdre, you're a dirty bitch! And stop lying, as if you only had 50 guys!

I'm glad you like Brielle. You should become one of her Myspace friends! Actually, she is probably the only Aus pop star not to be on a soap (as far as I know).

Now, go and wash your filthy mouth (and minge) out!