Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Amy Pearson - Australia's Latest Pop Import

One of the few local pop acts to make any kind of impact on the Australian Singles Chart of late is Amy Pearson, who debuts this week at number 28 with her first single "Don't Miss You". I say "local" because Amy is signed to the Australian arm of Sony and has lived in the country for the past 4 years but she originally hails from the exotic town of Birmingham. The story behind Amy's immigration is really quite amusing. Amy's website proudly boasts that she was discovered by Take That's Gary Barlow, who was "impressed with her natural talent" and anticipated "a huge music career for her". I guess that's why no one in England was interested and she was shipped off to the pop music abyss that is Australia. However, it seems that Gary might have the last laugh because "Don't Miss You" is turning into quite a hit.

I'm not particularly overwhelmed with "Don't Miss You" but I understand its warm reception. The song is pleasant enough and stays firmly within the bounds of the pop/rock genre that currently dominates the charts. Amy reminds me somewhat of Kelly Clarkson - only Amy's not obese and her music isn't totally shit. Perhaps, Stacie Orrico would be a more flattering and appropriate comparison. The remixed version of "Don't Miss You" is only slightly different from the radio edit but has a distinct pop edge. It's taken a few listens but I'm rather taken with it now. I'll be interested to see which direction her upcoming album takes - if she's willing to embrace pop or would rather wallow in middle of the road rubbish like her mentor and his shit band of aging fuckwits.

Amy's single is available from Sanity, Chaos and iTunes. Check out Amy's Myspace for more information.

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