Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Return Of Cheesy Pop Music!

As Deirdre Halliwell's official number one fan, I feel it is my obligation to inform you that the old boiler's fabulous pop Blog, Cheesy Pop Music, is back! Deirdre has re-opened her Blog with a post about some old whore who had a couple of decent tunes in the 1980s. However, I'm sure she will soon delve into her box of tricks and pull out something suitably demented. I want some Marilyn if you've got any, my love!

In honour of Ms Halliwell's return to the Blogosphere, I'm posting her stunning cover of Nelly Furtado's "Maneater". In true Deirdre fashion, the song has received a few minor tweaks and is now called "(I've Got A) Mangina". From what I hear, half of Scotland can verify that. I can only imagine how green with envy Nelly would be if she heard "Mangina". Deirdre's unique vocal delivery and arresting good looks create one hell of a package! Welcome back, Deirdre. You were sorely missed!

In other news, the Deni Hines concert was fabulous. That women should be bigger than Mary J. Blige, not performing shows at the Old Boatshed in Manly! I've also been listening to the recently leaked Kylie tracks and I'm in awe. The bitch has obviously been stealing from Dannii again because the new material is beyond fabulous. "Stars" and "In My Arms" give me goosebumps. Bring on the album!


Gregor said...

I was DJing at Valley of the Dolls (Scotland's best and only drag night) when Deirdre came out of retirement to sing some of her songs. What a riot!

Where o where can I listen to these kylie leaks??

It would seem everyone has listened to them but me!

Lovin your blog!

gatoinfeliz said...

The Kylie leaks are great aren't they. I love In My Arms the most. Calvin Harris is a fool for saying that's the most lackluster of the ones he's worked on. Granted I haven't heard them except for that one but it would be a crime if it isn't on her album. Someone posted a list of the supposed songs she has written for the new album and some of the titles are hilarious. Sexual Gold anyone? Ha, Holidannii must've ghostwritten that one.

Trash Addict said...

Gregor, what an honour to meet someone who has worked with Deirdre in the flesh! Is she as ravishingly gorgeous and stunningly talented as she apppears online?

Gato, so In My Arms is definitely one of the Calvin Harris songs? I love it, it's just gorgeous. I hope it makes the album too. The only one that I'm not overly keen on is "Sensitized" with that annoying hooting owl sound.

Sexual Gold sounds amazing! I hope it is true. Kylie needs to be inspired by Dannii's masterpiece Vibe On and sing about one of her sexy toys!

Miss Halliwell said...

Kylie has a bloody sensational stack of unreleased tracks.

Personally, White Diamond re-ignited my faith in Kylie after the dreary Body Language album.

If she wants different, Impossible Princess Vol II would be nice, not swing beat shite aimed at Yanks. Pah!

Thanks for the plugging of me honey, you know how to make an old girl dribble!

Ro Ro said...

i want deidre's mangina all over my face! i admit i'm a sick bitch but Deidre is too fabulous for words.

Trash Addict said...

I agree, Roro. I want to munch on Deirdre's wrinkly date!

Miss Halliwell said...

Wrinkly Date! LOLOLOL.

It's more of a Geriatric Prune! (same thing, i know!)...

I am glad i am lighting the fires of 2 gorgeous young men! My hubby is too old to get it up!

I shall toddle off and slip a cactus in my vulva...

Raphael said...

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