Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Remix Queen - Deborah Cox

"The Morning After" is a terrible album full of uninspired, soulless R'n'B grooves that were probably rejected by every third rate diva in the music business before finding their way to Deborah Cox. And yet, this stinking musical turd houses two of my favourite songs. "Absolutely Not" and "Mr Lonely" are veritable gay classics. I find it truly baffling how someone can create such fabulous tunes and still be happy to dump something as tired and boring as "The Morning After" on their fans. Bizarrely, this kind of inconsistency has become something of a habit for Deborah. She can be brilliant (eg. "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" and "Same Script, Different Cast") but spends most of her time churning out complete crap. Go figure.

That's enough negativity. Despite all of the above, I'm actually quite a fan! Deborah has an exquisite voice and a knack for working with some of the best producers and remixers in American dance music. If only she would devote an entire album to the dance floor and deliver more corkers like "Absolutely Not" and "Mr Lonely". The former is something of a theme song for the gay scene in Sydney. I seriously can't remember a night when I've gone out and not heard it. It feels like every second drag queen on Oxford Street has mouthed the classic lines "should I wear my hair in a ponytail? Should I dress myself up in Chanel?" - If any song deserves to be called a drag anthem, it is "Absolutely Not". The other decent cut from "The Morning After" is "Mr Lonely", which was fabulous in its original form but made even more delightful by Hex Hector. I've also thrown in a remix of "Up & Down", which is barely recognisable and vastly improved in its remixed form.

You can purchase "The Morning After" from all the usual online retailers. The fabulous remixes can be found on iTunes and on Deborah's rather fierce remix album.


Ro Ro said...

I know what u mean. It seems with that album she was left with scraps lol. It takes her too damn long to put anything out too. like she takes a 7 year hiatus inbetween albums. She needs to just swallow her pride and do a whole dance album.

Robpop said...

Deborah Cocks! Love her, as you say, in bits. She, who started her career as a backing vocalist for Celine D, never ever made an impact here in the UK. My american friends all adore the girl however she leaves me quite stale.

I put her up there with Kristine W. In that she's a kind of hit n miss singer who has amazing vocals that are always let down by the material she's asked to sing over.

BruDé said...

Absolutely Not was one of the first songs I danced on in a gay bar. Good memories :)

Jamie_movietrip said...

I like some of her mixes but that album is terrible, I couldn't agree more. The UK single mixes of It's Over Now and Nobody's Supposed To Be Here are horrendous too. I have some radio remix/edits of the Whitney duet if anyone needs 'em.

Deborah Cox Fan said...

Man, shut the fuck up. That album shits on your fucking life and soul. Bitches, get a life and stop hating. Like, BOO bitch.