Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rebekah K - Fabulous No Hit Wonder!

My weekend was a complete fucking disaster. Some of the highlights include my boss calling an unscheduled 3 hour meeting at 6pm on Friday night, having my La Toya fan fiction banned from her forum due to a harmless passage involving La Toya going down on Celine Dion and vomiting on myself in the toilets of a popular gay nightclub on Saturday night. I've spent today nursing the hangover from hell, watching re-runs of Dallas (I am Sue Ellen!) and listening to the crappiest songs in my collection in a not completely vain attempt at cheering myself up. I found a box of old CD singles hidden away in a cupboard and one of the many hidden "treasures" I salvaged was Rebekah K's "Be My Baby".

I can only vaguely remember the release of "Be My Baby" in 2002. I can't tell you very much about Rebekah. As far as I know she only released 2 singles, both of which flopped spectacularly. The last I heard, she was performing as the opening act for one of the Australian Idol rejects last year, so I assume she is still in the music business. I wish her all the best because Rebekah K is all kinds of fabulous. "Be My Baby" is a pleasantly manufactured slice of bubblegum pop. The song is credited to the unlikely duo of Lenny Kravitz and Gerry DeVeaux (see the Marcia Vs Ultra Nate post below) but surely that is some kind of misprint. Since when has Lenny Kravitz been churning out gay pop anthems? "Be My Baby" is harmless fun but the B-side is the real jewel.

"Fire Engine" is one of the cutest pop songs ever to end up as a B-side for a floptastic diva. It reminds me of the Teen Queens' retro-pop without feeling quite as laboured. I was most amused to learn that the song was written by tragic pop diva Toni Pearen! I guess that explains why the song contains some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever recorded. To my ears, "Fire Engine" is a slice of heaven. I hope you all enjoy it.

Sadly, Rebekah K's stunning anthems are yet to appear on iTunes. You best bet is to have a look on Australian E-bay. Rebekah's website is still functional but hasn't been updated for some time.


Trash Addict said...

Edit: My dear friend Jeroen tells me that Be My Baby was indeed penned by Lenny Kravitz as a song for his then girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis!

Thanks for the info, sweetheart!

The Dreamer said...

you should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing about "Be My Baby" and I'm not downloading a total murder of one of my favourite songs ever!!!

Jamie said...

Ooh how craptastic. 'Be My Baby' is my fave song by gap toothed french chanteuse Vanessa Paradis. Rebekah (were her mum and dad dyslexic) manages to turn this classy song into a pile of poo. Love it!

Miss Halliwell said...

Oh titter ye not missus!

I love old gap toothed french whores...Imagine having Johnny Depp plunging into your lady garden every night! MMMMM!

Old Vanessa was a two hit wonder in the UK and Joe Le Taxi was obscene! I translated it into the following...

Joe the taxi driver
He wants my toot toot
Aaaah with soda
And a saxaphone
To blow with my lady chateau....

On a sofa
Or even a rug
Can i guess?
He slips it into me...

Now if that's not paying for a cab fare, i don't know what is!

I love the fact you are bombarded with hate mail! It shows how some people are sad enough to search the internet relating to old has beens and abuse people who try to publicise their non-existent careers...Like Kelly Marie!

Good on you Trash Lady...for opening my legs to Rebekah...She really is Trash of the year!