Saturday, May 05, 2007

RAEN - Australia's Forgotten Girlband?

RAEN is surely Australia's lowest profile girlband. I have no idea why, because the girls are extremely fabulous and just as worthy of devotion as Young Divas, Girlband, Girlfriend and Slinkee Minx. RAEN released their debut single in October last year to crushing silence. The band made a couple of television appearances and performed regular live gigs but "Get Right Back" disappeared without a trace, which is a major travesty because the song is brilliant. "Get Right Back" is a gloriously camp cover of "Right Back Where We Started From" and plays like The Corrs doing disco on amphetamines. The music is 100% Hi-NRG and the vocal harmonies are delightful.

So, who are the lovely ladies behind RAEN? Unlike Young Divas and Girlband, RAEN were not thrown together by record executives as a marketing exercise. Rachel, Amanda, Emily and Natalie (RAEN - get it?) are old friends, who have been singing together since childhood. I think that really comes through in their gorgeous harmonies and their songwriting - their self-penned B-side, "Break Me", is great! The girls have been busily performing live since the release of their first single and according to their rather swish website, their debut album is set for release this year.

RAEN will be performing in Toronto and New York in the next couple of weeks, so check them out if you live nearby. Support RAEN by purchasing "Get Right Back" from Chaos or iTunes. The single has several cool remixes and a great B-side. Make sure to also check out the video clip and watch the ladies perform at the Midnight Shift with some fierce Asian gay boys!

This post is dedicated to the Queen of girlband fans - Robpop!


Robpop said...

Thank you PTA. This means a lot! Sending back "big gay hugs"

I love girlbands. 99% of my entire collection consists of girlbands whether they be from New Zealand, Denmark or Canada. It must have something to do with the fact I was surrounded by lesbians, drag queens and gay men whilst growing up.

Raen-I am hoping they do an album! I love the fact they've followed in the footsteps of Clea with the name thing. Mega Kudos for that!

I love the song btw. Its everything a girlband pop record should be about. Whats the b-side like?

P.S Ur Raen has had over 250 downloads and not one has thanked you or even left a comment. Big fat "HMMMM".

Also adoring the Girlband track Electric. I have huge wet lips for the album.

Trash Addict said...

I'm thrilled that you like RAEN! I think they're heaven. I really hope their album emerges one of these days. I'll send you the B-Side. As for Girlband, "Electric" performed so poorly, I doubt the album will ever get released. I'll have to suck someone off over at Sony to get a leaked copy!

It's always nice when people leave comments but I don't expect it. My readers are obviously rather common!

RAEN said...

Thank you so much :) Just found your comments. We appreciate the support!!!! We are an independent group- so thank you for spreading the word.

We are still working on our album, our next single should be out soon. There are lots of exciting things coming up- we will let you know about them. If anyone wants to find out whats coming up or chat to any of us girls- go to

Thanks again,
Lots of love,
Amanda Xx

Trash Addict said...

Amanda, you're most welcome! I love RAEN to bits! "Get Right Back" has been on high rotation on my Ipod for months and I gagging for the album. Thank you so much for stopping by!

PS. You all looked so glamorous at your Midnight Shift show. Can't wait for the next gig!

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