Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paul Parker - My Kind Of Fag!

It's always exciting to see gay men strike it big in the music industry. Regardless of my opinion of their music, I'm glad that the likes of Jake Shears, Rufus Wainwright and Will Young are contributing some kind of queer energy to the mainstream. However, it slightly annoys me that I find today's celebrity fags so completely and utterly repellent. I hold a lot of admiration for George Michael, Boy George and Pete Burns but they are older than Jesus by now in gay years. It would be nice to connect with a contemporary gay idol for a change but I just find the pop poofs of yesteryear infinitely preferable. Who could be bothered with an ugly cunt like Mika, for example, when you could be listening to the sheer brilliance of Paul Parker?

Paul Parker is club royalty whose pioneering role in the early 1980s dance scene has all but been forgotten. As a native of San Fransisco, Paul Parker was at the forefront of American Hi-NRG music along with fellow legends, Patrick Cowley and Sylvester. Hits like "Right On Target" and "Shot In The Night" are generally considered to be classics of the Hi-NRG genre and helped to make Paul an enduring gay icon. Although, his fabulous image - leather pants, handlebar moustache, omnipresent motorbike - definitely had something to do with it! Paul is, quite simply, my kind of fag. He's a survivor of the 1980s AIDS crisis, who has never been frightened out of the disco. Other queens have moved on but Paul is still a slave to the beat and I respect that. I also imagine he smells of stale beer and boot polish - which is a bit of a turn on!

It seems unfair to introduce Paul with his Klone material. I am Klone's #1 fan but they clearly specialise in one thing - tragic dance music. I'm obviously partial to Klone's output but those with slightly more highbrow leanings might want to check out Paul's early material before writing him off as yet another Klone embarrassment. As far as I know, Paul is still churning out his unique brand of addictive dance music. If anyone has more information on Paul's current activities, please let us know! Paul's early vinyl material, with its fantastic cover art, is now very collectible. However, CD copies can be found at Amazon and regularly turn up on Ebay.


BruDé said...

The cover is gross ! But I love it :D Roses & grapes.... they do it all.

On another note, I would be fucked by Mika ! Unless he's a bottom !

Trash Addict said...

Filth! I think Mika is totally foul. I'd rather be fucked by Dannii with a strap-on!!

Paul's artwork is so old school gay. I think that's why it appeals to me. I love the trashiness of it all!

Junk Thief said...

I think it takes some bravery to make work that will quickly be dubbed as "dated." That which is not soon dated, to me, is bland.

Around 1982 I went to a bar in Oklahoma where a friend was a gaga about getting Paul's autograph. Apparently both survived that dark time.

It's sort of touching to see someone so willing to revel in what that era was.

Trash Addict said...

I think you make a very valid point about "dated" music. It takes someone willing to completely immerse themselves in the zeitgeist - which is entirely fabulous.

PS. I'd be going gaga for Paul's autograph too!

Robpop said...

I must say I feared this. Much in the same way you worry about licking the liquid off of a dildo you've just fucked yourself with for the past 2 hours and it then turns out to taste a like old sweets. Yes, its a little bit nasty but its clean, fun and scummy-which is very much why Paul Parker is actually not bad despite initial presumptions.......

No, i won't push the dildo metaphore any further nor will i expand the "old sweets" one either.

Suffice to say, Paul Parker is brilliant.

The discussion surrounding "Gay male singers" in pop music is an old one. Personally, I've found that the pop produced by the gays of Europe (Rosenstolze, Magnus Carlsson, Andreas Lundstetd, AoL/BwO, Jose, Andermay, Daniel Zueres)
absolutely outshines their British, Australian and American brothers in that similar age bracket. (I'm talking about Mika, Scissor Sisters, Darren Hayes Anthony Callea and Will Young).

Kudos to them all for doing their thing and bringing different stories to the table of pop.

However, until Mika or Will Young make a catchy song like that of the former Alcazar boys (see Love Gun and Live Forever) or Jake Shears/Darren Hayes makes a video as "hawt" as Spains Daniel Zueres


the popboys I'd bottom for would all need European passports. For now anyway......


In short, it would appear the pop-crowns of PSB, Elton, Freddie M, Frankie Goes to..., Pete Burns and George Michael are all shifting to European queer heirs in line of rainbow succession.

Oh well.

Trash Addict said...

I think that dildo metaphor will haunt me for the rest of my days!

I like some of the European pop gays but they are all too packaged and too pretty for me. I want my pop poofs to be plastic surgery junkies (ie Pete Burns), pill poppers who fall asleep at the wheel and cruise beats for dirty sex (George Michael) or tragic fading stars who chain escorts in the private dungeons and are forced to clean the streets by the authorities (Boy George)!

The Europeans are clearly superior to their modern day English, American and Australian counterparts but they have no edge and can't compete with the old school. That's what I love about Paul Parker. He was there from the beginning and, much like Cher, has dug in his heels and simply refused to fuck off. I worship at his shiny leather boots!

Jess Nukem said...

Is it terrible that I only downloaded the MP3 of Time after Time because I found Parker's chest pretty luscious?

Jeffrey said...

Hi...I have news on Paul Parker!!!

I run a small label (UTMOSIS) in San Francisco, and I convinced Paul to start writing and producing music with me in 2007. As a result he's got a new Euro-HiNRG single out this week (March 2008)! It's debuted at #40 on the EuroDanceHits chart here:

If you wanna hear a sample of the song, it's available here:

He's still got a great voice after all these years!

Also, since I see him every other week, I might be able to make those autograph wishes come true. ;)


Mike said...


Thanks so much for dropping by! I LOVE the new material. As soon as I finish this, I'm off to download the songs from iTunes! That Euro top 50 is the most amazing chart I've ever seen. If only the mainstream countdown was one tenth as fabulous!!

I'd love to hear more about Paul, you can contact me at:


Good luck with the new releases - Paul sounds better than ever!

Take care,


PS. Paul's autograpph would take pride of place right next to Carol Jiani & Dannii!

DUANE said...

Just found the 7" 45 of "Right On Target" for the jukebox. Anyone know if there ever was a 7" 45 of "With Or Without You"? Really want that one.



Anonymous said...

Paul Parker lives forever! Hi-NRG rules! His recent song Don't Stop is so oldschool, so good, so excellent, so Hi, pure energy boost, best music ever. I'm 37 years old, and was a kid in eary 80's, but this is it, this is it. Best whishes from Croatia.