Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marcia Vs Ultra Nate

I love Marcia Hines almost as much as I love cock. So I was naturally rather pleased when it was announced that Marcia would be inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame this year. I can't think of a more deserving recipient, Marcia has been churning out hits since the 1970s and she's still as fabulous as ever. I've been meaning to cover some of Marcia's pre-Australian Idol material for some time now. Strangely, I was inspired to finally pull my finger out by a completely different artist - the divine Ultra Nate. Ms Nate is one of the few bright stars on the dull American dance scene. I've been an admirer for years but her latest album has converted me into a fully fledged fan. As such, I've been going through her older work and fell in love with her version of Marcia's "Time Of Our Lives". Naturally, I had to re-visit Marcia's rendition and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it holds up, almost a decade later.

"Time Of Our Lives" was one of many attempts to kick start Marcia's career in the late 90s. The song became Marcia's highest charting single since the 1980s and revitalised her standing as a legendary pop diva. Marcia furiously promoted "Time Of Our Lives" to the gay community and I can still remember her performing it with a gaggle of drag queens in a nightclub. The song quickly became a fan favourite with good reason - as far as uplifting anthems go, "Time Of Our Lives" is hard to top. The song just exudes joy and fun with every beat. It was always going to be hard to follow in Marcia's footsteps but Ultra Nate's version is just as fabulous. Ultra's version is actually credited to DeVoted, which was a collaboration between Ultra Nate and Gerry DeVeaux - who just happens to be the man who wrote the song in the first place! Gerry must have thought that "Time Of Our Lives" still had potential and he was right. The update is a fabulous slice of bright and shiny dance music.

So, who wins this diva face-off? Marcia gets my vote because of the fun memories attached to her version but it's very close. Make up your own mind!


Robpop said...

Oddly! Oddly! Marcia rarely appears online. A quick blogsearch will reveal that!

I came across the lady when I ran to away to Sydney-Melbourne at the tender age of 16. Time of Our Lives was already out by then but i think it was silly hot in clubs like 3Faces.

So, it will always remain a very important song for me. It was the first time i was exploring a gay scene without the connection of my mother.

From that moment on, I was hooked. I ended up downloading her entire collection. And, on the second of April 2006 she finally appeared on DontStopthePop. I shared Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees, You-2005 mix, I Got The Music In Me and What A Feeling! This is what i said about her:

"Marcia Hines is a legend. Her albums are called simpy Queen of Pop and Diva. If America had Dionne & the UK had Dusty, Australia had Marcia......

Australia's undisputed "Queen of Soul", Marcia Hines has been praised as "arguably the best female singer in Australia" and since her Australian professional debut in 1970 at the tender age of 17, she has been thrilling audiences with her superb and soulful voice. A consummate performer who is equally at home in the theatre, on the concert stage or on television, Marcia is one of Australia's best-loved and most successful performers, and she remains Australia's top-selling female recording artist of all time!"

In short, Marcia is very important to me. As such this cover by the sublime Ultra Nate is a non-starter. Not that I hold it against the girl. But, its Marcia Hines!!!

Marcia Hines!!!!!!!

Trash Addict said...

Marcia is one of my icons too. I absolutely adore her - mostly due to her fabulousity (word?) in the face of adversity during her years in the wilderness. She never gave up, touring RSLs and gay nightclubs relentlessly (poofs and bogans share similiar musical tastes, it seems) and launching more comebacks than anyone I can think off. Marcia has been a regular here since my very first month and I intend to devote more time to her shortly.

The crazy thing is that I was also coming out and exploring the scene when "Time Of Our Lives" was released! I have the delightful suspicion that we may have crossed paths in some dark club in the 90s!

PS. I love Ultra's version too. Her voice blends in well with Gerry's. It is a fabulous re-make.

Miss Halliwell said...

Och, ye can't beat Big Marcia...I love that old bird!

As for you Mike...You Love cock??? Are you one of them gays! I am stunned! A woman of my age befriending a homo! Oh missus!


Bet you have a lovely ding dong!