Friday, May 18, 2007

Dame Shirley's Record Breaking Hit

I was greatly dismayed by Blogland's apparent indifference to Dame Shirley Bassey's latest release. "The Living Tree" is not only Shirley's best single since "History Repeating" and camper than Julian Clary at a Kylie concert but the song also marks Shirley's 50th anniversary in the UK singles chart and gives her the record of the longest span of top 40 hits. It is truly astonishing to think that Shirley was a chart regular way back in the 1950s!

"The Living Tree" desperately tries to sound like a Bond anthem and, to a significant extent, it succeeds. There is nothing subtle about this little tune - everything is BIG, from Shirley's voice to the musical accompaniment. The track is a treat in its original state but I love a remix and the great woman doesn't disappoint. The single contains 6 remixes and 2 versions of the video clip! My favourite is the Superbass Vocal Mix, which is a slice of heaven for the discerning homosexual.

You can purchase the single from any UK online retailer (try Amazon or HMV) or download it directly from Dame Shirley's fabulous website.

Dannii fans: Please note that I have updated Dannii's Dirty Box with a truly craptastic cover of "This Is It"!


Robpop said...

Its interesting that this record hasn't got the dicks erect as much as it should have. Whilst most blogs are jacking off to the latest Kelly Fucking Clarkson single (no offense meant there) the real talent goes to the wasteside.

But that's why blogs like yours are so important. Who else is going to remember Raen when most are interested in silly things like Danity Kane.

Ok, soap box moment over.

The Living Tree was performed on Dame Edna's British Show a few weeks ago (i think was the limit to its promotion). It send shivers up my rectum and back through to my left nostril. To steal Melissa Tkautz's phraseology here... amazing is the word.

The Dame as i like to call her really shows the pretenders how its done. "She's Got The Range!!"

The song itself is so sad. Its drenched in regret. I don't know I hear that. It deserves to be covered on a volume two of Nick Cave's Murder Ballads.


I know now why it sounds so sad! It reminds me of Punishing Kiss by Ute Lemper. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!! i am ranting now. Its all flowing out of my head and into my fingers. This song is amazing. Well Done PTA. You did it again.

Clever boy...

Trash Addict said...

It warms the cockles of my heart and my cock that someone else shares my passion for the finer things in life. Thank you!

Jamie said...

I fookin love Dame Bassey with a passion. She was the first drag queen I ever laid my homosexual eyes on!

I loved the remix album she did a few years back and who can forget the camptastic 'Disco La Passione' complete with the gay dance mixes.

Last time I went to Blackpool there was a Bassey drag queen who spent the night lip synching to classics such as 'Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me'. Utterly fabulous.

Oh and I watched the current Bond film last night and was amazed at the shite that was passed off as a Bond theme. Someone needs to get Shirley back in the studio to do the theme for the next one!

Jamie_movietrip said...

I felt exactly the same way about the new Bond theme. I said loudly "Bring back Shirley Bassey, or queen Sheena (for she is cheaper) for fuck's sake!

This song is amazing. I too heard it first on Dame Edna. Should've been a Top 10.

Lola, you're being missed on the all new Church of La Toya board! You missed the drama of the move!

Miss Halliwell said...

Look out for the Big S's album in June...

Featuring her new UK single...a cover of Pink's 'Get The Party Started' and featuring mixes of her fag-tastic songs Big Spender, What Now My Love and some glorious covers of I Will Survive and other gayness!

I have seen that old bag live 10 times and she still makes me giddy...

Just don't shake her hand. She looks at you like a skid mark on a hotel towel and her wrinkles can induce cold sweats and premature ejaculation!

Jamie_movietrip said...


Kenny Hayes of AATW Records (home of Kelly Llorenna) has remixed 'Get This Party Started' according to his message board. You know it's going to be all class.

Trash Addict said...

I am totally dying for the album! It sounds almost too good to be true! Kenny Hayes and Dame Shirley - I need to lie down!