Sunday, May 13, 2007

Before And After - Erica Baxter

Erica Baxter finally released her debut album last week. I haven't listened to all of "Through My Eyes" yet, but what I have heard is pleasant enough. Not that anyone will give the album a fair chance. As the fiance of Australia's richest man, Erica is generally viewed as a trophy wife, who irritatingly refuses to give up her dream of a music career. Personally, I couldn't care less about Erica's finances. Believe me, I would also be riding the nearest multi-billionaire given half a chance! What I do object to is the dreary nature of her music. Particularly, when I know Erica is capable of so much better.

Erica first came to prominence as a model. She quickly gained something of a reputation as a social butterfly and never failed to feature on the social pages - usually stumbling out of a nightclub on the arm of someone rich and famous. Basically, I thought she was the epitome of all things fabulous. Even her romance with Jason Donovan couldn't dent my admiration! It was during this time that Erica made her first tentative steps into the world of music and the result was truly astounding. As the guest vocalist for dance outfit 040, Erica helped produce one of my favourite dance singles of the early naughties. "Dreams" is a trashy delight, with Erica's reed thin vocals resting perfectly against the moody trance music. I especially love the tacky lyrics with fabulous lines like "let your love rain down on me and I will make your dreams reality"! The song is an underrated and under appreciated gem that deserved a much better response. Unfortunately, that was the extent of Erica's pop career until last year.

Since dating James Packer, things have really changed for Erica. Instead of falling out of taxis and flashing her tits to photographers, she has turned into an immaculately groomed Stepford wife. I love a rich bitch as much as the next queen but Erica has really lost her edge. Since embracing Scientology, Erica's latest claim to fame is joining Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their honeymoon cruise on Mr Packer's luxury yacht. The mind boggles. It would seem only fitting that the new Erica would re-launch her music career with a new sound. I just never believed that she could stoop so low as to commission a song from the music world's most pointless cunt, horse-faced NaTRASHa Bedingfield. Thankfully, "I Spy" is not as offensive as it could have been thanks to some catchy production and a glamorous video clip. The self-penned B-sides are nice enough and more representative of the music on her album but I can't help but find the entire project disappointing. Erica should realise that no one is going to take her seriously as a singer-songwriter. However, as a vision of loveliness with an inoffensive voice, she has the potential to be join the Minogues as one of Australia's leading pop tarts. Hopefully, her next album will be lighter on credibility and heavier on the entertainment factor.

If "I Spy" appeals to you, you can purchase "Through My Eyes" from Sanity, Chaos and iTunes.


Zac said...

I think she got the same nose as dannii. i was sure she had a dance song but wasn't sure, thanks for the research! i expected m,ore comments too! slack!


Tommy said...

Thanks for "Dreams"! I have to admit, I'm a total sucker for pop-trance like that.. The track/production is so awesome, her weak ad-libs actually manage to sound somewhat decent..

Trash Addict said...

I'm glad that you guys like "Dreams" as much as I do. I definitely think Erica should stick with dance music!

Jeremy said...

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