Saturday, April 21, 2007

She Is The King!

The release of She Is The King's debut single makes me proud to be an Australian. I can't think of too many other countries where a female Elvis impersonator would be given a record deal and allowed to make a video clip with more drag queens than a Mardi Gras float! She Is The King, otherwise known as Jacqueline Feilice, hails from Western Australia and has been performing an Elvis tribute act for more than a decade. It seems that Ms Feilice is a heavyweight in the cutthroat world of Elvis impersonating, placing second in an international Elvis contest in Las Vegas last year.

She Is The King released her debut single this week with a poptastic cover of "Viva Las Vegas". The song makes me want to eat a fried Mars Bar and squeeze into an ill fitting jumpsuit in honour of the great man himself. "Viva Las Vegas" is an unexpected delight. She Is The King has obviously made a shrewd decision to interpret, as opposed to impersonate, Elvis. This imbues the song with enough of her own personality to make "Viva Las Vegas" more than just a camp curiosity. The video clip is also highly recommended. Any clip which involves drag queens drinking champagne in the back of a limo and a female Elvis impersonator dancing in a gay bar is alright by me!

The single includes several great remixes. My favourite is the trashtastic Vegas Mix.

If you enjoy She Is The King as much as I do, you can purchase the single from Chaos, Sanity or iTunes. She Is The King has a fantastic website that is also worth a look. It seems that we can expect a whole album of Elvis covers in the next couple of months. I can't wait!


Rakkas said...

I have to say, this place is a box of surprises! You never fail to find something unique and original!

Who would've thought that a techno version of Viva Las Vegas would be so darn enjoyable?

I'm waiting for what I'm sure will be the craziest début album in history.


Jamie_movietrip said...

I love it!

Trash Addict said...

I'm glad you guys like it! I think She Is The King is the future of Australian pop music!