Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sheena Easton!

The impossibly fabulous Sheena Easton celebrates her 48th birthday today. I can't believe the woman is a day over 35 - she still looks absolutely stunning! I would like to extend my birthday wishes to Sheena with a post that honours her very first single and one of my personal favourites, "Modern Girl".

Sheena started her career as the subject of a television documentary, "The Big Time", which charted the making of a pop star. From what I gather, TV cameras followed Sheena around while she recorded her debut single, "Modern Girl". I would love to see the footage! "Modern Girl" is perhaps Sheena's most anthemic early recording after the sheer genius of "Morning Train (9 To 5)". The song is an incessantly cheerful ode to the hardships of modern womanhood, tackling hard hitting matters like dating and the workplace - set against a gloriously dated synth track. The song originally stalled at #56 but after "The Big Time" aired, the song was re-released and reached #8.

"Modern Girl" received a new lease of life in the late 90s, when it was remixed and included on Sheena's highly underrated "Freedom" album (which coincidentally was finally released in the US only this year! Purchase your limited edition copy here). "Modern Girl '97" is a cheesy delight and was even released as a single in Japan, a country with enough sense to wholeheartedly embrace Sheena's genius. I've uploaded "Modern Girl '97" in honour of Sheena's birthday.

Get a drink and raise your glass to a true diva!


Jamie_movietrip said...

An amazing single from an amazing singer. Happy birthday Sheena!

I too love the 1997 remix, she actually promoted the release over in Japan and even sang some Japanese songs for her fans over there!

I wish she'd record another album, it's been far too long now.

Trash Addict said...

Sheena definitely needs to release some new music. Surely her African babies are old enough for her to return to the studio now? Madonna didn't wait 5 minutes! I'd love to hear Sheena in Japanese. That would be GAY!