Thursday, April 05, 2007

Craptastic Covers Vol 2 - Motown Re-Visited

There are few things as enjoyable as a craptastic cover version of a classic song. As far as I'm concerned, the more inappropriate the interpretation, the better! I posted a collection of wonderfully tragic Supremes covers a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would continue the Motown theme with three intriguing interpretations of "I Can't Help Myself". I elaborated on the pitiful circumstances behind La Toya's appalling yet irresistible album of Motown classics in my last post. Toy Toy's take on "I Can't Help Myself" was only single released from that album. I am told it sold about five copies to deaf people in Germany. The song is as terrible as everything else on the album but as a slice of ridiculous pop, you will be hard pushed to find something that matches La Toya's incredibly disinterested, Euro-house interpretation of The Four Tops' classic. I love it!

I devoted a post to the Teen Queens late last year. In short, the Teen Queens were a successful 90s Australian girlband who specialised in covers of hits from the 1960s. The girls not only covered old classics but continued with the vintage theme for their outfits and videos. The fabulous bitches look like they have just raided Gidget's wardrobe. "I Can't Help Myself" was one of the Teen Queens' final singles before they parted ways. The song is quite faithful to the original, perhaps a little too faithful.

I am completely disgusted with myself that this is the first appearance of the inimitable Dolly Parton on Pop Trash Addicts. I worship the ground that Dolly totters across in her sky high stilettos. My mother is a huge Dolly fan and I grew up listening to the sweet sounds of "Coat Of Many Colours", "Jolene" and "Here You Come Again". One of the fun rarities in Dolly's vast catalogue of music is her album of 60s cover versions, "The Great Pretender". The album is unusually hit and miss by Dolly's lofty standards but let's be honest. The woman could sing the NaTRASHa Bedingfield songbook and make it bearable. Dolly's version of "I Can't Help Myself" almost sounds like a demo, such is the minimalism of the production. I have the feeling that Dolly was thinking about more important matters like world peace or getting her nails done when she recorded this. Nevertheless, it is Dolly and it is therefore monumentally fabulous.


PinkieDust said...

You know i am such a sucker for these kinda covers!


PS: PTA is that a pink triangle behind Dolly in that pic?

PinkieDust said...

Didn't Bonnie Pointer also cover this song?


Trash Addict said...

Pinkie, that is a pink triangle behind Dolly. The cover art is so 80s!

And yes, Bonnie did indeed cover "I Can't Help Myself" on one of her solo albums.

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I love Toy's version of I Can't Help Myself

Rakkas said...

These covers are impossibly... er, good! Well, at least Dolly's is (it couldn't be any other way :-) ). Which leads me to say, those two pictures of her are legendary! God, can anyone be more fabulous?

Thanks for including her!

Robpop said...

Dolly P needs to come out now. Its funny how she flies under the carpet. No one really notices the fact that she's had such a long "friendship" with a woman.

I love lesbians. They bring balance to the world. And if Dolly is really a lesbian (as that pink triangle would suggest) it would make Dolly ever more mightier than she already is. Some singers just couldn't care less about their fanny/bum fucking (Will Young..he could be straight for all I care).

Dolly on the other hand (gulp!) would be such revolution in the world of mid-west america if she confirmed her lesbolic sexuality.

Mike-more dolly in the future. It makes the dinkle whiggle.

Pinkie or Mike-is there anyway you could somehow share that Pointer track. Its news to me....


Trash Addict said...

I've never thought of Dolly as being a lez - after being married to a man for the past 40 years. She's hardly Jodie Foster.

If someone can explain how to rip MP3s from vinyl, I'd gladly share Bonnie's version. A friend also pointed out that Madonna covered the song live. I have that MP3 if anyone is interested in hearing it.

Miss Halliwell said...

Madonna live? Please don't subject anyone to that!

I do have all Madge's albums, but i don't cream myself and lash out 200 quid to see her strain her vocal chords and look like a builder in drag. Shirley Bassey she aint!

As for Dolly, i don't think she's a lezzie, she is attractive after all! Poor old dykes are sadly like Madge Bishop on steroids wearing flannel and flat shoes.

Except Hazell Dean. Bow down to Queen Hazell!

Dolly Parton is really under-rated i think. She herself admits she is seen as a 'Dumb Blonde' but 'i'm a very rich dumb blonde!'...She has written some of the most gorgeous songs ever and can put her stamp on any genre of music. Peace Train the Holly Roller radio mix is sooo gospel dancey and excellent and the Kreate & Divide remix of Jolene makes me cream...

Songs like Yellow Roses, Jolene, Eagle When She Flies etc are tremendous. And Coat Of Many Colours is too good to be true!

I wish i lived on Mount Dolly in a wee shack and maybe i could have a coat of many colours like Dolly...

Keep up the good work Mike, you are a Goddess!

Trash Addict said...

Madonna live version is vile. Her reed thin voice is stretched to breaking point.

Deirdre, I think we should get married at Dollywood! You can drag along Eddy as your bridesmaid and I'll hire Kelly Llorenna to play at the reception. She should be in it for a bottle of body bronze and a packet of fags.

The Holly Roller mix of Peace Train is almost too fabulous for my comprehension!