Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Australian Club Smash Of 2007

TV Rock are currently sitting at #15 on the Australian Charts with their 3rd single, "The Others". They are experiencing even greater success on the Club Chart, where "The Others" is still #1 after already spending two months at the summit. TV Rock is made up of Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough, two of Australia's best known DJs. Apart from being rather easy on the eyes, the boys have a habit of creating catchy dance anthems that are simultaneously annoying and highly addictive. Like every other Australian poof, I spent the majority of 2006 getting down to TV Rock's debut single, "Flaunt It". That song ended up being the highest selling single of 2006 and won the group a handful of ARIA Awards.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the group's debut album and their second single, "Bimbo Nation", was astoundingly awful. Therefore, it was something of a surprise when TV Rock emerged early this year with a new sound and another killer track. "The Others" is actually credited to TV Rock Vs Dukes Of Windsor and is basically a remix of an old Dukes Of Windsor song. You can hear the original version of "The Others" on Dukes Of Windsor's Myspace. TV Rock have transformed an unusually catchy indie rock song into a dance floor stomper. I have no idea what the song is about because, quite frankly, the lyrics make no sense. I can't help thinking of that Nicole Kidman ghost movie of the same name! Whatever the song's inspiration, it is undeniably fantastic. I have uploaded the excellent Kam Denny Mix.

You can purchase the single from Chaos and Sanity. Check out TV Rock's funky website for more information on the band.

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