Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sheena Easton IS Fabulous

It was the project that should have re-launched Sheena Easton's glittering career in spectacular style. After a decade of declining sales and increasingly obscure material, Sheena decided to ditch the ballads that comprised most of her 90s output and focus on the dancefloor. While hardly original, the plan made great sense. Dance music is fast becoming the retirement village of struggling gay icons, ageing divas and fading stars. When the rest of the industry no longer takes them seriously, these lovely ladies can always be assured of finding some solace in the clubs. "Fabulous" was Sheena's desperate grab for the pink dollar and I'm still surprised by its failure. If ever an album lives up to its title, then this is it.

I suspect that "Fabulous" was heavily inspired by Cher's stunningly successful "Believe" album. Like Cher, Sheena's pop pedigree can not be faulted. As one of the true stars of the 1980s, Sheena delivered some of the most enduring and memorable hits of that decade and established herself as a pop culture icon with her Bond anthem and appearances on "Miami Vice". Again like Cher, who worked with Xenomania, Sheena turned to the holy diva of dance - Dannii Minogue - for inspiration and teamed up with long time Dannii collaborators, Tezza and Ian Masterson! If that recipe isn't enticing enough, then the tracklist of disco classics should have ensured a hit record. Sadly, the first single stiffed worldwide and the second single was only released in Japan. Sheena's comeback was over before it started, much to disappointment of tragic queens the world over.

As a huge Sheena Easton fan, I am undoubtedly biased but I still think "Fabulous" makes for an exceedingly entertaining listen. Yes, the album positively reeks of desperation. I can also admit that the song selection is unimaginative and, with all due respect to Dannii's ingenious "hit" makers, I grant that some of the production is less than inspired. But whatever its flaws, there is no denying that "Fabulous" is a shitload of fun and the holy grail of craptastic dance music! The album begins with a fairly insipid cover of "Don't Leave Me This Way", before getting into full swing with the first single "Giving Up, Giving In". "Giving Up, Giving In" is a truly gorgeous offering and the remixes were suitably hot. Obviously, the buying public was simply not ready for this much fabulousness. The next song, a cover of "Love Is In Control" was touted as a single and remixes were commissioned by Almighty. Needless to say, Almighty and Sheena is a match made in pop trash heaven!

"That's What Friends Are For" is followed by fantastic covers of "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Best Of My Love". Just when you think that "Fabulous" can not get any gayer, Sheena teams up with Tezza to duet on a truly wondrous cover of Burt Bacharach's "On My Own". The outstanding production and vocals make for one of the album's finest moments. I'm not as taken with Sheena's version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", which was an odd selection for the second single in Japan. While the album version is slightly dull, the remixes are excellent and breathe some much needed life into the song.

"Fabulous" ends on a high with two Tezza/Ian Masterson penned songs. "You Never Gave Me The Chance" is a sweetly sung ballad, while "Get Here To Me" enchants with a gorgeous trumpet solo before transforming into dancefloor stomper. I bet Dannii was jealous when she first heard it! I've also included the Japanese bonus track, a cover of Teena Marie's brilliant disco classic "I Need Your Lovin'".

I firmly believe that "Fabulous" belongs in every self-respecting homo's record collection. The album turns up regularly on Ebay and is still available at Amazon. It really is time for Sheena to launch another comeback. The music scene is infinitely less fun without her.


Jamie_movietrip said...

I was just listening to Sheena's R&B anthem 'What Comes Naturally' before I read what is quite possibly the greatest post ever at Pop Trash Addicts! Sheena's 'Fabulous' is too good for most people and that is why it must be celebrated at every possible opportunity! I'm so glad you posted On My Own, I can honestly never work out which of them sound more likely to be the Patti or the Michael McDonald! It's a classic!!!! This day couldn't get any better if it wasn't for the fact that Sheena's 'Freedom' CD from 1997 was finally released in the US this week, with a trashtastic sleeve, no less!

"You never gave me the chance to love you, I never should have tried...."


Rakkas said...

Oh.My.God!!!! This is fabulous indeed. Even more than fabulous. There are not words for it!

Sheena is amazing, and some of these songs are just too perfect to believe. They're RIOTOUS!!!:-D

Anyway, that's all. Thanks for posting them. :-)

Trash Addict said...

Jamie, I'm also beside myself at the thought of "Freedom" being re-released this week! Hopefully, Sheena will pull her finger out and get back in the studio soon. I agree about "On My Own". It's divine! I think it slightly leans towards the Michael McDonald version.

Rakkas - It's good to find another Sheena fan. "Fabulous" is indeed fabulous!

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I still don't own a copy of this yet... *is ashamed*

Trash Addict said...

That is truly shameful, Jay. I'm shocked and appalled!

Miguel said...

Thanks for the downloads. If you wanna get more Sheena's songs, go to:

Kind regards,

Miguel H.

Trash Addict said...

Miguel - your site is amazing! I love the remixes of "My Treasure Is You" and "Eternity". They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You're a widerful person!
Thanks for sharing
this great songs!!!
Than you! ^_^

Trash Addict said...

You're welcome!

Sheena is a goddess and needs to be enjoyed by everyone. She really is one of my all time favourites. I will make a post on retro-Sheena in the future!

Miguel said...

You're welcome! In the future I will upload more rare Sheena's songs. I hope you like them too.
I also have a blog dedicated to Olivia Newton-John:

Bye for now,


Trash Addict said...

You're really a man after my own heart! I'm addicted to Olivia too!

Robpop said...

So many superlatives. So many trash cans. So many words already drenching the girl E. What more can I say? What more can I do. Yes, this is late. Yes this comment can never illustrate the brilliance of both the E and this thread.




Can I just add that the "unification" of I Feel Love and Never Can Say Goodbye produces my wet dreams.

Can I just add that the E really should have covered Street Life.
Originally by the diva that is Randy. Its about selling holes.

Trash Addict said...

Randy Crawford is fierce and "Street Life" is a classic. However, Sheena is too much of a lady to sing about hocking her box! Her sugar walls are strictly off limits!

sailor iain said...

I missed the download of

Love Is In Control (Almighty 7" Mix)

do you have any of the other tracks from the promo?


Trash Addict said...

Hi Iain,

Always nice to hear from a Sheena fan! Send me an e-mail to and I'll fix you up.


italiabeefy said...

This one is awesome..Sheena is great and a huge favorite of mine, i hope she comes back with a new cd soon..really miss this diva.
Sheena is by far a much better singer than most of the female vocals on the dance chart today..they can't sing very well at's sad!
Thanks for the post..and Sheena..I LOVE YOU!

it'salex said...

omg, Sheena, love of my heart. such a thrill finding this read. thank you.

please share the video version of love is in control? it's a NEED to have record for me. i only have a long mix and it's not as good.

thank you! thank you!!