Thursday, March 15, 2007

Retro Robyn Remixes

With the international release of Robyn's sublime self-titled album inching ever closer, Blogland is working itself into an absolute Robyn frenzy. Leaked tracks are flooding the internet and Bloggers are falling over themselves to pay tribute to Sweden's Queen of Pop. While there is no disputing the brilliance of Robyn's recent output, I think it is high time that her older material received some loving! I worshipped Robyn when she first exploded on to the pop scene back in the mid-90s and I purchased all of her Australian singles. Here are a selection of remixes from four of Robyn's earliest singles. Time has not been kind to a couple of them but the majority hold up nicely. It is also very interesting to note that many of Robyn's early remixes were heavily influenced by R'n'B, providing a glance at the fabulous Konichiwa Bitch of the future.

Do You Really Want Me

"Do You Really Want Me" was one of the first singles to be lifted from "Robyn Is Here" internationally. It was never as successful as "Show Me Love" or "Do You Know (What It Takes)" but the song is an early indication of Robyn's phenomenal songwriting talent. And then, there is the glorious cover! Poor Robyn looks like she should be pushing a pram around a housing estate. I love it! The single contains two remixes, neither of which improve on the radio edit. The QD3 Remix Edit transforms the song into a slow groove, while the So Groovy Mix stays pretty close to original but includes additional lyrics.

Show Me Love

"Show Me Love" is one of Robyn's signature tunes and one of the true pop gems of the 90s. The song not only launched Robyn's career but also marked Max Martin's emergence as one of the premier pop producers of the 90s. It seems strange that one of Robyn's most poptastic songs received such an urban re-working in the form of the QD3 Fat Boy Remix Ft. O.C. & Rahzel. The song is almost unidentifiable with completely new lyrics, a hot spoken interlude and a couple of guest rappers. The biggest shock is that the R'n'B makeover works an absolute treat and holds up remarkably well. This is very highly recommended for lovers of faux R'n'B pop!

If the idea of guest rappers makes you queasy, then focus on the Backroom Extended Club Mix. This is a fabulous, straightforward club remix that will get any backroom pumping!

Do You Know (What It Takes)

"Do You Know (What It Takes)" was Robyn's other big international hit. The song represents one of the best urban/pop hybrids of the mid-90s and remains something of a 90s classic. Unlike "Show Me Love", an urban makeover seemed like a logical step for "Do You Know (What It Takes)". Bizarrely, it doesn't work quite as well as the urban "Show Me Love" remix. Nevertheless, the Allstar Main & Rap version is an interesting experiment. The Paradise Garage Mix is a more traditional remix and much more to my liking.


"Electric" was the last Robyn single I purchased before re-discovering her a couple of years ago. I remember "Electric" being popular in Germany when I was living there. I'm still confused why the song was not released internationally. The song is stunning and boasts some truly exceptional production. The crackling sound of electricity gets me everytime. I find it surprising that such an innovative song would have such dull remixes. The Mad Professor Shocking Mix might be trippy under the influence of the right drugs but is otherwise fairly mundane. The Patric Berger Alchemist Remix is more exciting but takes a long time to get going. However, you have to love the trannylicious single cover!


Robpop said...

Electric is stunning!

As are the mixes!!!

You know this places DSTP very much.

Robpop said...

Get on msn! Is too late already?

Trash Addict said...

Sorry Rob, I got some much needed my beauty sleep last night. I have to look pretty for the weekend!

I don't understand your first comment, what's going on with DSTP?!

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Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I think he meant "this pleases DSTP very much"...

I haven't had a chance to listen to any Robyn yet as i've been too busy ripping my brand new Caskanka CD and K Lo's latest single.

Trash Addict said...

Oh I'm so blond! I'm pleased that DSTP is pleased.

Caskanka and K Lo. What an enticing double!

Robpop said...

Oh thats my bad!!! PLACES!!!???



so much so, today will be a very unreleased Robyn (new song!) for your aural delights!

Robpop said...

I am i destined to send Poptrash comments that make me sound like a drunk wretch?

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alan. said...

i love the 'show me love' remixes.

it's been over 10 years and i'm still lovin 'robyn is here'.
whenever i'm in a funk, i always seem to have 'the last time' and 'here we go' playing in the background.
and 'say you'll walk the distance' will forever be my favorite track.

as of late... i'm truly lovin 'with every heartbeat'.
always brings a tear to the eye.
and i love the craziness of 'hey u'.
she's just fantabulous.

Trash Addict said...

Alan, I love "With Every Heartbeat" too. It's so beautiful! I still listen to "Robyn Is Here" all the time. It's great!

Anonymous said...

hey could you post the qd3 remix of "do you really want me" again? its not working anymore :(