Sunday, March 11, 2007

Covers Vol. 1 - Trash Icons Destroy Motown

Firstly, just a quick note to let you all know that I have uploaded new material to Dannii's Dirty Box, including a stunning live track from "Notre Dame de Paris". Back to my post on craptastic cover versions!

Over the past few months I have posted my fair share of tragic cover versions on Pop Trash Addicts and I have decided to make cringe-worthy covers a recurring feature. Nothing is quite as fulfilling as listening to a musical car crash and today, I'm featuring three mind-boggling interpretations of The Supremes' classic "Stop In The Name Of Love" by three of the most fabulous women ever to have graced a recording studio.

La Toya Jackson

Toy Toy's rendition of "Stop In The Name Of Love" is my favourite as it is by far the most ludicrous. To put the song in context, it was recorded at the absolute nadir of La Toya's career just before she escaped from her abusive ex-husband, Jack Gordon. In the mid 90s, Jack decided to cash in on the Jackson name (yet again) by getting La Toya to sing an album of Motown covers. The resulting album is possibly the worst recording ever captured on record. La Toya was drugged out of her mind and recorded the album in a Danish basement in a couple of days. The whole operation was so spectacularly cheap that most of the songs were simply released in their original demo format with no further production. The only bright spot on the entire album is "Stop In The Name Of Love", which begins as a rather traditional cover (despite La Toya sounding semi-conscious) and then suddenly introduces a Euro-house interlude half way through. It's awful but I love it and it is definitely the only version of a Supremes classic to have a nude picture sleeve - see above!


I'm ashamed to say that this is the very first appearance for Sinitta on Pop Trash Addicts. Sinitta's pop legacy is assured, having produced some of the best singles of 80s with the help of Stock/Aiken/Waterman. Before purchasing Sinitta's "The Supreme E.P.", I thought a selection of Motown covers would suit her wonderfully. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I have no idea how you can manage to remove the melody from something as perfect as "Stop In The Name Of Love". If any song is idiot proof, then surely this is it. La Toya managed to get through the song with some of her dignity intact - and she wasn't even conscious when she recorded it! Sinitta's version is appalling. She slows the song down and plays around with the phrasing with disastrous results. However, this is a must for Sinitta fans!

Nicki French

Nicki is the queen of tragic Hi-NRG dance cover versions and her take on "Stop In The Name Of Love" is inspired. The song is one of two Japanese bonus tracks on Nicki's "Secrets" album and I dare say, if they had have been released internationally, Nicki's career might be in a much better state. In fact, I prefer Nicki's "Stop In The Name Of Love" to her seminal "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". It's pure cheese but it works brilliantly. Nicki sounds fabulous and the Hi-NRG backing track works a treat. It's about time that Nicki unleashed a new album for her tens of adoring fans.


Jamie_movietrip said...

Wow you are spoiling me today, Mike! Toy, Snit, and Nicki! I'm in powder puff and disco ball heaven! I can't beleive I don't own the Japanese version of 'Secrets'! I never believed it could get any better...

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

Both versions by Toy are fabulous!

Trash Addict said...

Jamie, Nicki's Japanese edition of "Secrets" is like a trash lover's wet dream! I knew you would appreciate the delights of Nicki, Toy & Sinitta.

Jay, I like the remix too. It's just so utterly crap - it verges on genius!

Anonymous said...

More Melissa plzzzzzz