Saturday, February 10, 2007

Robyn Loau Is Back!

Robyn Loau makes a welcome return to the Australian pop scene this week with her exquisite new single, "She Devil". As a former member of the legendary Girlfriend, Robyn is a veritable Australian pop icon. In fact, the blurb accompanying this release claims that Robyn has sold over 500,000 records in Australia (which includes her solo career, Girlfriend and various world music collaborations). I have my fingers crossed that Robyn's comeback will see a continuation of her previous success - despite the minimal promotion and non-existent radio airplay for the single. Robyn is simply too talented to remain lost in the swampy waters of the Australian live music scene.

"She Devil" is a perfect example of why Robyn Loau deserves to be massive. The song exudes class with every delicate beat. "She Devil" is quite a musical progression for Robyn. The original version is an eerie mid-tempo pop song, underscored with electro-bleeps and even a tinge of jazz. The song also boasts gorgeous lyrics and subtle production. I just worry that it isn't instant enough for a first single. The first time I heard it, I thought "She Devil" was terrible. Now, I'm absolutely hooked. I would love to share the superior radio version but the song is being released this week and I would hate to be responsible for anyone not purchasing the single. Instead, I have uploaded one of the many remixes. As usual, Rok Coalition delivers one of the best.

You can hear the original version of the song in the stunning video clip, which was filmed at the 12 Apostles. Robyn looks absolutely stunning as a sea siren and the photography is beautiful. If only they had put as much effort into the nasty single cover.

If you like what you hear, please order the single from Chaos. It will be $5 well spent!


Alyson with a Y said...

We're up to the era when Robyn left Girlfriend in Part 4 of our Girlfriend series at our website - strikingly, she left Girlfriend to be freer and get away from record company politics.

Then her solo album never got released because of record company politics...

It's such a damn saga with those girls


Rakkas said...

What a good song. This makes me wonder why is it that talented people like this are always ignored - I didn't even know who she was! This girl ought to be, at least, popular.

Are recording companies part of an international complot to dumb down absolutely everything in this world? Are audiences deaf? I don't know the answer, but I really hope this becomes a hit.

Thanks for sharing it anyway. Oh, and paraphrasing the 'enormously talented media icon' (ha!) Paris Hilton, the remix is hot!

Trash Addict said...

Which website? I'm addicted to Girlfriend, I want to check it out! You've got so many Blogs to choose from!

Robyn has had so much bad luck. I hope things turn around for her but have you heard the song on radio or seen the clip on TV? I haven't :(

Alyson with a Y said...

We've done the first three parts, we're doing Part 4, once the 5 parts are done, we'll tie them all together, tidy it up and make it one big post

I am INDISPUTABLY one of, if not the, biggest Girlfriend fan in the world - I am a Siobhann devotee! And Sick With Love is in my all time top 10 Australian singles.

It's so sad, it really is, how the Girlfriend story turns out...sigh...


Trash Addict said...

I'm glad you like the song, Rakkas! Robyn is a unique talent. I really hope she does well but it seems like you have to be a rock star or rapper to chart in Australia these days :(

Alyson, what a Girlfriend bonanza! Reading about GF is better than porn for me! Siobhan, huh? I'd have to go with Robyn as my fave. "Sick With Love" would be high on my list of Aus singles too. I'll have to post the bloody thing!

Alyson with a Y said...

The clip was recently on Youtube for Sick With Love, it's my #4 all time greatest Australian single.

I presume you've seen that before, that's Girlfriends Official Myspace.

We (Claire and I) are FOREVER Girlfriend fans, we can't wait for the comeback! It WILL happen! And yes, I am forever a Siobhann fan, for reasons explained as part of the week!


Malariaboy said...

Robyn hosted Video Hits 1 time in December and they played the video then- the show is on her myspace page

The only radio play I've heard has been on Joy FM.

I'm SO SO SO excited she's back- I just hope enough people like the song to keep her around.

Malariaboy ducks off to Itunes to buy She Devil...