Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh No, She Didn't!

It's hard to believe that an international style icon like Dannii could ever leave the house looking anything less than perfect. It may be almost impossible to believe, but Dannii has her share of bad hair days and run ins with the fashion police. Here are some of the moments that remind us that Dannii is human after all.

There really is no excuse...

Not even Dannii can pull off ginga serial killer chic

Put down the pipe, darlin'

The last time Dannii hires Deirdre Halliwell as a stylist

We know you like fish fingers but is that any reason to wear a tracksuit?

Dannii auditions for "Showgirls 2"


tommie said...

You need to post the immortal sausage picture!

And I kind of like Dannii as a ginger...

Trash Addict said...

That blunt ginger fringe makes Dannii like look a 50 year old junkie!

Miss Halliwell said...

I appologise for perming dannii...but she was warned "never go out in the rain with a home perm!"