Monday, February 12, 2007

Mardi Gras Dannii - Everlasting Night

Dannii has been a staunch supporter of the gay community from the very beginning of her career. "Everlasting Night" is one of the reasons why Dannii is considered to be family amongst Aussie gays, while most divas are treated as warmly received guests. The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras needed a hand back in the late 90s and Dannii came forward with this song. Robpop of DontStopThePop fame recently informed me that "Everlasting Night" is a cover version, which is confusing because Dannii is listed on the single as a co-writer with sexy Tezza (Terry Ronald). Please explain, oh wise leader!

Regardless of the history of the song, there is no denying its impact. Dannii caused a media sensation by pashing a bull dyke in the extremely camp video (which includes 3 people I know - one of them intimately!) and the song quickly became a fan favourite. "Everlasting Night" was also the first hint of Dannii's hankering for pussy, which would come back to haunt her with the fabulous Lezzigate scandal! The single was only released in Australia and it became a minor hit. I love the song and still hear it occasionally in gay bars. "Everlasting Night" is a 90s club classic!


tommie said...

Well, considering that they first recorded the song in 1995, it's possible that someone else covered it during one of Dannii's infamous delays!

Jamie said...

Ooh, this was on a camp gay compilation I bought called 'Out and About' wedged between the likes of other gay stalwarts such as Adam Rickitt and Dolly Parton.

Robpop said...

Boogie Woogie is on its way btw. One is zipping it up as we speak. Its probably the best slice of pop dannii has ever cut...........

Everlasting Night: it was originally recorded by Dannii in 1995 or so. It premiered at Gay Pride. The original version is completely Euro-disco. As in a bit like Boogie Woogie. Then some years later she remixed it for Mardi Gra. The video featured lots of drag queens and muff divers.

You didnt mention the fact that when Dannii performed the single she came from a moon! A move that her lesser known sister would try years later when murdering Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Check your email asap!

PS: I really love Dannii's Dirty Box. I put my fingers in it and my index finger has never been the same shade of pink since.

Robpop said...

Parts of its pre-Mardi Gra are mentioned here:

Robpop said...

In Dannii's own words

"This song was written for my friends Gary and Richard who put together the Mardi Gras Music label. I had had such a blast working with them on Mardi Gras 98 that I wanted to record a song about it. I got together with Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald and we re-arranged a song that we had written 3 years back, and I had performed at the London gay event Pride. The song was the first ever official anthem for Mardi Gras 99, the video was filmed in Sydney and I got to co-direct it, we grabbed a bunch of friends and filmed in a club called 'home'. I ended up performing it also at Mardi Gras 99 and was lucky enough to have a bunch of friends and my brother and Mum there to see it - what a blast. There were around 70 people on stage, and my entrance was made on a silver moon that came down from the ceiling, talk about stage fright, I was wondering if I would make it!"


Trash Addict said...

I was there for Dannii's amazing Mardi Gras performance! The moon was fabulous, although the lezztastic backing dancers were even more amusing.

So, Dannii covered herself? I thought you mean someone recorded the song before her. Someone needs to send me the original version!

PS. Rob, thanks for Boogie Woogie!

Robpop said...

Its not so much a cover. Rather(in typical DanniStar style) she was dropped. Everlasting Night was for an MCA album that followed from Get Into You. Then it fell through and before you can say AATW the track+album was scrapped.

The Mardi Gra version was re-recorded and remixed to sound afresh but also perhaps because of legal issues surrounding the copyright of the original(which explains why it did not appear on GIRL)

The main difference between the two is that the chorus in the mardi gra version is the verse in the original. And the chorus in the original is more NRG.

I'll try to find it for you....