Saturday, February 17, 2007

Est-ce que tu m'aimes encore? French Dannii!

"Je vais venir" and "Va te faire foutre" demonstrate the extent of my French knowledge - despite 6 years of school French and several years living 20 minutes away from the French border. Well, that's not entirely true. I can order a drink and make inane small talk but the fact remains that my French is pretty fucking shit. Therefore, it comes as a massive surprise that I not only understand most of Dannii's French version of "Who Do You Love Now?" - "Est-ce que tu m'aimes encore?" - but also find it absolutely irresistible. Dannii's collaboration with Riva would have to be one of her smartest moves, as the song reignited her career in Europe and Australia. I'm not sure why she decided to re-record the song in French and use it as a B-side for the French "I Begin To Wonder" single but I'm most glad she did. I absolutely love it. A big thanks to Mr Froggy for sending me the file!

In order to generate some healthy sibling rivalry, I've also included Kylie's stunning French version of "Confide In Me", which originally appeared on the Canadian edition of "Kylie Minogue". Hopefully, a French speaker will comment on their respective accents. I'm interested to hear how good (or how tragic) they really are. To my non-expert ears they both sound heavenly!


Robpop said...

This blog has gone a bit weird.

The format that is.

fred64 said...

Hey ! I'm French so I can tell you about the accents of the Minogue Sisters... I have to say Dannii's accent is quite perfact (in that song anyway). Back in 94 with "Confide", Kylie 's accent was perfectly AWFUL !!! It's very difficult, even for a french person, to understand what she is singing... But now in 2007, I supposed she has improved in French with "once upon a time" teacher Olivier...
By the way : excellent blog ! you rules !

Trash Addict said...

Rob, weird in which sense? The template or the crap I'm posting? Please explain!

Thanks Fred, I'm glad to have an expert opinion. Strike another score for Dannii! Her talents are truly endless. Thanks for your kind words!

Robpop said...

I have emailed ya.

I thought you might be interested in this:

It actually started the "TRIAL OF KYLIE" on a AkindofLoveIn.

Anyway, its rather sad when the spoofs are FAR better than the original!