Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sharing The Love Of Jason Prince

Jason Prince is a pop trash icon. I love everything about this poptastic poofter; from the retro blond highlights in his hair, to his amazing vocals and spectacular inability to dance. Jason is like the English Lorenz, only without the muscles and with an even smaller promotional budget. Obviously, he is pretty fucking fabulous! Over the past few years, Jason has been busy churning out tragic trance cover versions of current hits for Klone Records. In fact, such is Jason's standing among lovers of tragic dance music that you will be hard pressed to find a Klone compilation without at least one of his masterpieces.

I don't know a lot about Jason Prince, mainly because he has next to no internet presence. He used to have a website but it has either been taken down or is out of order. I assume that Jason is gay because he sings love songs about men, and well, because I have eyes. In case there is any doubt, I think this short clip of Jason covering the "Wonder Woman" theme song with two trannies provides conclusive evidence! I also get the feeling that Jason is a bit of a recluse, he's been using the same photo for his singles and albums since 2002 and the mind-boggling video of "Electric Dreams" has been filmed with more vaseline on the camera than a Madonna photo shoot. I'm not sure why Jason is hiding, I think he's gorgeous in a chav-next-door kind of way! As much I enjoy rudely speculating on the private lives of Z-grade celebrities, I really should get to the music.

I still remember the first time I heard Jason's cover version of "You're Beautiful". I was completely overcome by the magnitude of someone turning James Blunt's woeful piece of shit into a fabulous Hi-NRG dance number, which is surely the most amazing transformation since Jesus turned water into wine! Interestingly, Almighty tried their hand at covering the song too and the resulting catastrophe reinforces just how brilliant Jason Prince really is. "You're Beautiful" was a shameful omission from my best of 2006 countdown. This gem should have been top 10. The maxi-single is also notable for containing a rare non-cover version. "Jaded Lover" was written by Jason and is fun, in a craptastic kind of way. It's a welcome change for a gay artist to actually sing about a guy.

Jason finally got around to releasing his debut album last year and it was worth the wait. It is basically an album of cover versions but these covers are all so insanely ridiculous that "The Jason Prince Collection" sounds highly original - in a twisted kind of way. One of my favourite tracks is Jason's cover of the Pet Shop Boys' "What Have I Done To Deserve This". Forget about those slutty West End Girls. This is THE SHIT! Amusingly, Jason sings Dusty's part, while an inebriated tranny takes over for Neil Tennant. Bliss! Other highlights include a great version of Feargal Sharkey's "A Good Heart" and a camp rendition of "Together In Electric Dreams".

If you like what you hear, please support Jason and buy the album from Amazon or directly from Klone Records. I can't wait to hear what Jason does next, he deserves to be bigger than Elvis!


Jamie said...

'What Have I Done To Deserve This' is hilarious! The talking bits kill me! He has a good voice for someone on Klone. (I, I, I, I...) have to say 'A Good Heart' is my favourite, a vast improvment on the original IMO! I think you might like Jason Walker, he's the American version Jason prince only with original songs.

BigBackDoor said...

I've NEVER heard of this David Beckham lookielikey.
His version of 'What Have I Done To Deserve This' is hilarious - is it supposed to be ? I love it.
I also went for 'Together In Electric Dreams' and 'Jaded Lover' and they're fab too.
I'll skip the other two songs though as I hated the originals.
Cheers !

Trash Addict said...

I thought you would like him. He's the male Kelly Llorenna!

I love Jason Walker too - although the cheese factor for JP is just so high, he's hard to beat.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? is just so funny. I love the spoken bits too. Long live Klone!

Robpop said...

Love Jason Walker! The Male Kristine W(who I am saddened that you have yet to mention here!)

I have discovered today that "madonna" fans have no sense of humour-

Trash Addict said...

You only just discovered that now? I loved your post, I can't believe they missed the humour. And the "anonymous" comments are really quite pathetic!

I like Jason Walker - he may turn up here eventually. However, Kristine W is filth and her presence will not sully this Blog!

Back to Jason Prince, WTF was the Wonder Woman clip about!?

Jamie_movietrip said...

LOL I like some of Kristine W's stuff. Especially 'Lovin' You'.

Anonymous said...

Jason Prince looks great on his covers in a poptrshtic kinda way - in real life he is just the most hideous queen ... and that hair is a sewn into his as he is actually bald in the front ...

i used to work with him quite a lot in a local south east london club where i dj ... as far as being gay - i could find his gaydar profile address for you if you wanted to see more of him :)

Trash Addict said...

LOL! That must be why he hides behind three curtains and a mist machine in his "videos". Bless! Please do send his gaydar profile, it has to be good for a laugh!