Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Lorenz For The New Year!

It's time for another dose of Euro-pop from the Italian sex god/man whore, Lorenz! The songs from my previous Lorenz post were the two most downloaded tracks from this site until very recently, so I know I'm not alone with my Lorenz obsession. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to come across the promo for a song called "Right Back", which was to be Lorenz's third single. It appears to have been scheduled for release in November and seeing as there is still no sign of it, I assume it has been scrapped. Personally, I find this utterly devastating as the world needs the musical genius of Lorenz!

"Right Back" is a cheesy ballad, complete with an hysterical video that has Lorenz walking along the beach in tight, wet clothing. In other words, it is trash of the highest order! The promo also comes with a fabulous dance edit and a 12" remix. The idea of Lorenz and a 12" is hot in theory but the mix is a bit dull, so I've only uploaded the dance mix and standard version. I'm not sure how to upload the video from the CD single, which is a shame because it wasn't available the last time I checked Lorenz's website. If anyone has any suggestions on how to upload it, let me know. I'm sure fans of "Set Me Free" and "Turn The Beat Around" will not be disappointed! I just hope this isn't the last we see of Lorenz because he just might be the most gifted musician on the face of the earth!

If anyone has any news about this god amongst men, please send me an e-mail! By the way, I am the only one who thinks Lorenz looks a bit like David Boreanz in the picture below?


Robpop said...

YAY! will check this later tonight!

PS: I saw this and thought of you! Isnt latoya's OTT collapse at the end just brilliant?

Also check out her "taking a 15 inch dildo" penetration scream!

Trash Addict said...

Toy is going to rock "Armed & Famous"! She is truly the sexiest woman alive and I seriously think she enjoyed being tasered! That scream was a little bit too orgasmic if you ask me.

The show starts next week - everybody watch it!

"Right Back" is another tragi-fabulous offering from Lorenz. I hope you like it!

PinkieDust said...

Now I know you like your trash...served up pink and pop! Well DSTP will updated soon with more Girls from downunder and in the meantime ive teamed up with the stud that is PinkieDust to create a new cultureblog. My first post was naturally a essay about girlbands. And at the end i've shared 2 unreleased Clea tracks(including a cover of Faith) and a stunning pop handbag mix of I Surrender that is sweeping the Danish dance charts at the moment. Here is the site:

But you'll have to scroll down for the girlband goodies. If you want more I surrender mixes just ask!

So shameful plug out the way lets get back to Lorenzo.

Can i call him Butt Plug? The lyrics to this song sounds the male version of Billies filthy Something Deep Inside. Just wonderful! I love the mix. Would it be foolish to expect we'll ever get an album out of this man?

Trash Addict said...

I wouldn't mind something deep inside from Lorenz! I hope for an album but I doubt it because he's plugging his hilarious "motivational CD"!

Is that Rob? I'm a bit confused. Either that or PinkieDust is talking about himself in the 3rd person, which kind of scares me. I noticed the DSTP update. Aaron's choices were fabulous but where is the THE most tragic Aus girlband, Slinkee Minx?!

I'll be checking out your new Blog shortly - I'm almost having an out of body experience at the thought of new Clea. And a Faith cover! I've got wood!

Robpop said...

No thats me but my posting doesnt seem to be worked last night so i sent my minion to try and it seems to have worked.

I havent been able to check the Aussie Girlband update yet(as blogger, as mentioned above, has gone all fruity on me and not in a good way). Im not totally sure this will send either....I hate technology.

Can i just say I can't get enough if the italian introduction on the radio edit. Pure bliss! It surpasses the spanishy bit Geri does in Mi Chico Latino,

Robpop said...

My blogger is back to normal now. I hope you enjoyed your wood. As much as i did. As you did indeed point out the glaring omission I have now added Slinkee Minx to the fold. Like CLea they also covered GM. Whats with that?

I've added also the real tragifab band Shakaya!

Anonymous said...

I ADORRRE this man! (and you too Mike!), even though Lorenz looks like an old chamois leather, there is something sexily sexy about that man...i want him to plunge into me and call me a bitch! oh and he can snap me in two anytime! Grrrrr. His music is CHEESE central!

Anonymous said...

oh pinkie dust, i have added a link to your blog on my blog!

Trash Addict said...

I love how Lorenz always brings out the best in people! I think he's great too and I love Right Back. I wish I could post the video - it's so TACKY it's genius. Watch your mouth, Deirdre! What would Eddy say about all this raunchy plunging talk?!

If anyone is gagging for Lorenz's 12" (club mix) - let me know and I'll e-mail it.

Rob, I'm most pleased that Slinkee Minx has been added to the list. I went to one of their gay nightclub shows and it was THE most tragic experience of my life. Their props included blow-up dolls and an inflatable dildo....

I love Shakaya! I remember when they supported Kylie's "Fever" tour. They were great - if a bit out their depth!

PinkieDust said...

Rob! Me one of your minions. I feelz all filthy.

Great blog btw