Sunday, January 07, 2007

Armed & Famous

This really is a special week. Not only is Kylie releasing new material but La Toya Jackson's new reality show, "Armed & Famous", debuts this Wednesday on CBS in America. I guess it is not officially Toy's show but who will be paying attention to the other international A List celebrities when Toy is on camera? The clips I have seen of "Armed & Famous" are almost unbelievably fabulous. The basic premise is that 5 superstars (Toy, Erik Estrada, Wee Man, Jack Osbourne and Trish the wrestler) are put through rigorous police training and then unleashed upon the American town of Muncie as real officers. Imagine a cross between "Private Benjamin" and "Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty". Yes, it's THAT good!

Naturally, La Toya managed to upstage everyone before the show even started - by being the most useless recruit! It seems that despite Toy's hot body and brief career as a workout guru, she was not fit enough to pass the fitness exam. I'm not sure how they expected her to do push-ups with three inch acrylic nails! Thankfully, Toy was given permission to continue with her training - which involves weapons instruction and most fabulously, being tasered! The footage of Toy being tasered has become a youtube phenomenon and in true La Toya fashion, she manages to make being tasered look HOT. Other exciting developments include Jack Osbourne admitting that he is frightened of Toy (he's obviously intimidated by her raw sexuality!) and the rumour that La Toya is getting friendly with Erik Estrada. Erik still looks pretty good to me; Toy should ride him the first chance she gets!

I can't wait to watch the show. I'm praying it turns up on the usual torrent sites shortly after airing. Until then, check out the CBS "Armed & Famous" website and the official "Armed & Famous" fansite. If the show is a success, it could mean that La Toya's amazing "Startin' Over" album will finally see the light of day. La Toya has always been the most talented and attractive Jackson sibling - this just might be the year that things start to go her way. Here are a couple of "Startin' Over" tracks that I posted in my "Best Albums of 2006" list.


BigBackDoor said...

Could 2007 be Toys year ?!

I love the pics,especially the top one ,and the one where her fingers are pointing like a gun - VERY Charlies Angels (If Rebbie and Janet had been crouched either side of her)lol.

Ooh good choice of downloads too ,especially 'Home'.

LazySusan said...

Though I'm not sure I agree about La Toya being the most attractive of the Jackson siblings (is it just me or does she go to the same surgeon as Michael?) I do agree that she is the most talented. And, I can't wait for Armed and Famous. Every time I see the commercial on TV I giggle. I love that Wee-Man is now a sworn in police officer. God Bless reality TV.

Trash Addict said...

Welcome, Toy Soldiers!

I agree, any show that gives La Toya and Wee-Man loaded weapons deserves a truckload of Emmy awards! The latest "controversy" is Erik Estrada blowing a fuse while arresting a "fan"!

I really hope La Toya gets the chance to kick someone's butt! I'm guessing Toy's failed fitness test will at least result in the first few shows being all about her. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and La Toya is a natural beauty! Well, apart from her nose and tits. By Jackson standards, La Toya is positively untouched. Look at Janet. Her nose is looking worse than Michael's these days. You could slice cheese with her beak - and don't get me started with the tonne of lard they suck out of her on a monthly basis!

I just pray the show doesn't totally stiff and get cancelled after one airing. This is the chance Toy needs to "Startin' Over" off the ground. Finally.

Trash Addict said...

Who watched the show? Everything I have heard sounds amazing - particularly Toy's inability to do laundry and her fear of cats. I hope it appears on a torrents site soon!