Friday, December 01, 2006

Remembering Bec's Craptastic Pop Career

Bec Cartwright is better known these days as the stupid mole who married Lleyton Hewitt. It's a shame because Bec is one of the few local stars to have any kind of pop-trash pedigree. Not only did Bec demonstrate her astounding lack of acting ability during her stint on "Home & Away", she also belongs to that most holy category of God's creatures - the soap star turned pop queen!

However, this is not the story of a yet another has-been pop tart. The Bec saga is infinitely more amusing due to the constant stream of unfortunate comparisons made about her and another soap star embarking on a pop career, the slightly more successful Delta "Dullta" Goodrem. The comparisons with Dullta must have stung. "Innocent Eyes" was well on its way to selling one million copies, while Bec's self-titled release was lining bargain bins after a couple of weeks. As far as I'm concerned, the masses are welcome to Dullta. I'd much rather listen to Bec's trashy opus than have my ears exposed to that other silly cunt's pretentious ramblings.

Bec's brief but fabulous music career was lauched with the admittedly rather shit single, "All Seats Taken". I'm amazed that it did so well, peaking at #10. I put the song's success down to Bec's tireless touring of shopping centres and the so bad it's good video clip. The next single, "On The Borderline", is something of a pop-trash classic. It's the song that convinced me to check out Bec's album. Watch the insanely cheap video. "On The Borderline" only managed #29 in the charts and its follow up, "A Matter Of Time", stalled at #26.

The album peaked at #21 and Warners dumped her shortly after. I think Warners might have shot themselves in the foot. "Bec Cartwright" might not have sold like "Innocent Eyes" but I'm sure it did a lot better than the multitude of "credible" indie bitches who managed to keep their contracts. Well, fuck them. I'm sure Bec could use Lleyton's millions to release something independently if she wanted to. However, I get the feeling she is happy enough to sit by the pool, organising photo shoots with "Woman's Day" and occasionally hosting some craptastic TV event like the recent "ABBA-mania".


Miss Halliwell said...

Aaaw, bless that poor white trash!

Trash Addict said...

LOL - you would have loved her wedding pics! Shuffling down the aisle 8 and half months pregnant in white tulle. Classy!

Miss Halliwell said...

8 and a half months pregnant! Dirty bitch! Who did she marry? The producer of Home & Away? Or did she marry a poor person just to be different!

Trash Addict said...

She married tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt and is the self-declared "Victoria Beckham of Australia". LOL. She makes a mint selling her baby photos to the women's magazines. I should hate her but I just find her so amusing!