Saturday, December 09, 2006

Marcia & The Deni - Remixed!

The duet of the century has finally been released! I've been ranting about Marcia Hines' trash epic, "Discotheque", to anyone who will listen for months (see the November archive). Marcia's craptastic album of disco covers is high on my list for the album of the year and one of its finest moments is Marcia's duet with her extremely fabulous daughter, "The Deni".

"Stomp!" was always the most likely track to be released as a single and the time has finally come to unleash this double dose of Hines' magic on the Australian public. Marcia and Deni have busily promoted "Stomp!" and, in my television highlight of the year, even performed the song on the steps of the Opera House with campy gay dancers on the finale of Australian Idol! I doubt the song will dent the charts given The Deni's impressive string of flops but I couldn't care less. A mother/daughter disco duet doesn't exactly happen every day, so I'm savouring every second of this trashtastic spectacle.

You are seriously missing out if you haven't watched the mind-boggling "Stomp!" video. I've never seen anything quite like it! Watch it here. The dancing policemen still make me laugh.

The CD single contains a handful of remixes, the best being Smash 'n' Grab's effort. This shouldn't be much of a surprise from the team who managed to make Dullta sound vaguely interesting on their remix of "Lost Without You". You can buy the single from Chaos.

Deni and Marcia at the finale of Australia idol. Nice pants, Deni!

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