Sunday, December 03, 2006

Britney's Cunt

I would have gladly gone my whole life without seeing Britney's gash, but it seems I can't turn on my computer without her pussy glaring at me. I thought I would share the pain and post it here. I really can't believe it. Just when you thought Britney could not possibly get any more repulsive, she leaves the house wearing a mini-skirt without underpants. Who was she trying to impress? It's not like she has much to be proud of - with her flabby thighs, surgery scars and disfigured genitalia. I'm no expert on "lady bits" but I don't think Britney's pussy should be spilling over her right thigh. She either has gargantuan flaps or really is the result of generations of inbreeding.

My Plea To Britney:

Dear Britney,

Please return to the backwater from which you came. You are rich beyond your wildest dreams, despite having no discernable talent or charisma. It's time to move aside for someone new, someone who hopefully still has a shred of dignity and doesn't look like they should be flipping burgers at McDonald's.


Miss Halliwell said...

OH MY GOD! Put that thing away Britters! YUCK! No wonder there are so many gay men in the world with beef curtains like that flapping around!

And what is it with shaving of the pubic region? I don't want MY lady bits to look like a 9 year olds, and i think Britney's fanny shows that it matches her mental age...

Oops! She's did it again...What next? Lazy Lohans ginger minge spread all over the centre pages? Makes a change from them being spread over Paris Hiltons face i suppose....

Miss H

Trash Addict said...

Deirdre - my beautiful muse, how nice that you've dropped by again!

I totally agree, I wouldn't go near Shitney's tuna salad with a barge pole! I think she has elephantitus of the clitoral region!

Oh and Lindsay has flashed her dirty red gash too! Were you lucky enough to miss that vile spectacle?

Much love and adoration,

your #1 fan


Anonymous said...

welcome to the real world people. women have cunts and it dont matter whether you,re sweet fanny adams or britney fuckin spears they all hang out if you want em to. thanx brit you,ve made an OLD PUNK really happy with your saggy thighs and sweet sweet pussy.....more babies baby and keep the bald one alive....just for us. i love u u slut xxx

Anonymous said...

it's just a fanny- what's your problem?

Norman said...

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