Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Australia's Wonderfully Awful - Girlband

Girlband are the latest girl group to emerge from Australia. They are the product of a reality TV series that followed the girls from auditions, through the recording process and the release of their first single, the astoundingly awful "Party Girl". The whole project imploded when "Party Girl" struggled to make the top 50 and disappeared a couple of weeks later. The show was car crash TV at its best due to the hilarious bimbo antics of the girls. I'm sure if they had been given even a moderately bad song they might have scored a hit.

"Party Girl" will probably be Girlband's first and only release, which is a shame because they have great trash potential. Girlband makes Young Divas look like The Supremes but the girls do have some vocal ability. Like the Young Divas, they have contributed a song to the charity album "Songs Of Hope And Journey", which I, rather uncharitably, rubbished below. Girlband offer up a cover of "By Your Side", which is surprisingly pleasant. In fact, I think I prefer it to Young Divas' contribution, a cover of "2000 Miles".

If tragic girl groups make you wet, give Girlband a try!

You can order "Party Girl" from Chaos. "Songs of Hope & Journey" can be ordered from both Sanity and Chaos.


Robpop said...

I FUCKING love this blog!

Robpop said...

I FUCKING lov this blog!

Trash Addict said...

Wow - what a fantastic compliment coming from the holy deity of blogging! Thank you so much.

I can't tell you how much I have been loving your girlband countdown. I have almost gone bankrupt ordering CDs!

PS. I'm so jealous you saw Robyn live. Although I would have probably fainted being so close to pop royalty!

Robpop said...

Oh oops! My "wettness" for ya blog got me posted twice. Sorry.

Its that Girlband should cover "Walk Like An...GayBoy" cos their French cousin band, the fucking ace L5, have covered it for their swan song.

To examine:

Naturally I love both versions(yes, i'd argue that they sound better than the original!).

Holy deity of blogging! Oh my! gracias but your blog cleans up("TOTALAY"). Your music taste is EXACTLY like my own. How dare thee!

the good thing about some of those girlbands however is that those cd's should be kinda cheap. Thats the only silverlining. When ordering cds from russian websites for girlbands called Via Gra can be dangerous cos you never know what will come in your mail box.

Robyn was so warm and hugged me! Shes VERRRRRRy busy next year. There are over 4 singles released for 2007!

This Ones For you IS AMAZING! its Love machine mark II and nothing like shes done in the past!

Trash Addict said...

Maybe Susannah Hoffs is related to the people behind Girlband! L5 are amazing - I think they seem a bit more lively than the fabulous bimbos in Girlband.

I'm glad you like the blog. That's really sweet of you to say! However, everyone knows that "Don't Stop" is where it's at. You even have Robyn connections! I would have cut off a ball or two to see her up close and personal. I can't wait for "This One's For You"! It sounds great - I just hope it's more "With Every Heartbeat" and less "Jack U Off"! :)

Thanks for the tips, I've been a bit wary of some of those Russian sites for a while! I ordered some Ruslana goodies a while back and got a burnt copy of "Sade's Greatest Hits"... LOL

As soon as I work out how to do a links column, I'll add you in.

PS. Dana Glover was a revelation!!