Thursday, November 09, 2006

Swedish Cunt Covers Kylie

Sweden has provided the world with more than its fair share of fabulous artists. From the brilliance of ABBA to the genius of Robyn, the Swedes always seem one step ahead of the rest of the pop world. Jose Gonzalez is the obvious exception. You might recognise this useless cunt from the hideously overplayed "Heartbeats". If you were lucky enough to miss that one, Jose Gonzalez is basically the Swedish James Blunt. Yes, he's that fucking awful.

It seems that someone from Jose's record company thought it would be a good idea to cash in on Kylie's comback by releasing his vile cover of "Hand On Your Heart" in Australia this week. I have nothing kind to say about this recording at all. The original is probably my favourite song of all time, a mix of sunny melancholy and hopeful pleading that remains as great today as it was in 1989. Jose Gonzalez's approach to the song involves strumming his guitar, mumbling a couple of lines from the song and humming the rest. His interpretation reeks of smug arrogance; Jose obviously doesn't care about the song or its meaning. This is just an exercise in 'reverse cool' (when someone does something so uncool that it's positively cutting-edge) and a bad one at that.

Jose Gonzalez can go fuck himself. Here is yet another prospective member for "the dull cunts' club" currently populated by the likes of James Blunt, Dido and Delta Goodrem.

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tommie said...

He ruined The Knife's "Heartbeat" too, I think.