Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Street Fighter, Dannii

Following on with this week's Minogue theme, here are some crappy screen caps from an amusing Dannii spoof I saw recently. This comes from series 3 of "Full Frontal", an Australian sketch comedy TV series best known for launching the career of Eric Bana. The segment would have probably aired in 1995 and starts with a report about Kylie's performance in "Street Fighter". The reporter states that the director originally cast Dannii in Kylie’s role but changed his mind when he saw the rushes and received the catering costs - ouch! Remember, this was during Dannii's supposed "fat" period. Personally, I think she's always been a vision!

The reporter then shows a clip of footage said to be the Dannii version of Streetfighter, which begins with Eric Bana playing Jean-Claude's role and Julia Morris playing Dannii. Eric spots a group of thugs with weapons and tries to hold Dannii back. Dannii pushes Eric aside and scares off the thugs by singing "This Is It" and doing the song's famous dance routine. The highlight for me (I'm easily amused) is when Dannii turns around and frightens the thugs away with her huge butt. It's puerile and not as funny as the send up of "Love & Kisses" (changed to "Famous Sister" - with the fabulous lyrics "And Kylie is so happy, 'cause she sounds good next to me! All you need is a famous sister, a famous sister for me!") on "Fast Forward".

Isn't it funny to think that Eric Bana began his glittering career performing in Dannii Minogue spoofs! Eric's career is not the only thing that has improved with time. He went from:


========================>to HOT!

Sorry that you have to click on the links to see the pics but I think they must be too big for my blog. I tried uploading them on the main page but they just don't work. You can pre-order "Full Frontal Series 3" soon at Sanity. Series 1 and 2 are already available.

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