Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scotland's Diva With A Dong - Deirdre Halliwell!

When you spend as much time whoring around the internet as I do, the law of averages suggests that you are going to trip over something special every now and again. Well, I can't think of a more accurate way to describe Deirdre Halliwell than "special"! I came across this intensely fabulous "diva with a dong" through my love of all things Mary Kiani. A search on Mary's latest album led me to Deirdre's blog, which in turn opened my ears to a whole new world of music. I am probably scarred for life but Deirdre's filthy lyrics and unique vocals are more addictive than heroin. In a nutshell, Deirdre covers (some might say destroys) pop songs by making the lyrics as filthy as possible and generally taking the piss.

Deirdre's catalogue of "hits" is worth checking out just for the song titles alone! Some of my favourite titles include:

* Somethin' Kinda Eeeew (Spurtin' On Ma Toot Toot!)
* Manboobs (I Hate You So Much Right Now)
* Who Do I Have To Screw
* It's Raining Sperm

After being exposing myself to the Deirdre experience, I just had to share the joy with (get counselling from) my friends at La Toya's Haven. Miss Halliwell went down a treat and has become something of a cult phenomenon with Toy fans. To our great surprise and appreciation, Deirdre's man slave, Eddy, showed up at Haven to say hello and, as a result, Deirdre has most graciously agreed to cover La Toya's 1990s classic Sexbox. To say I'm excited to hear the result is the understatement of the decade! However, Deirdre will have her work cut out for her to drag this song any further into the gutter - with Sexbox already recounting the touching tale of a virginal young lady who picks up a stud at the disco and goes home to open up her "front door" for the very first time!

OK, back to Deirdre! There is more to this modern day Mozart than catchy song titles and sultry album covers. Deirdre is one of the few people in Blogland that actually has a social conscience and there is no issue that Deirdre will not rant about - thus making Deirdre's Myspace Blog essential reading! Deirdre also has an MP3 posting blog, CheesyPop Music, which I am incredibly jealous of. The music is fantastic and the layout and design are great too. Unlike this page, it doesn't look like it was put together by an inebriated, gay toddler. Deirdre also appears to have some rather amazing DJ skills, if her edited version of The Twin's "Here Cum The Girls" is any indication. I think the edit is brilliant, remixes that drag on for ten minutes drive me crazy. I also love the dirty German lyrics about vaginas!

To drive home the fact that she is the Oprah Winfrey of the internet, Deirdre also has an Ebay store and some rather fabulous artwork on her website. I particularly like this:

I'm sure you will agree that there is genius at work here! You can hear some of Deirdre's tunes at Deirdre's official website and there is also a constant rotation of glorious music playing at her fabulous Myspace site. As soon as I find out where I can pre-order Deirdre's latest opus, I'll post a link. Until then, hurry over to her site and brace yourself for you the onslaught of fabulousness.

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Miss Halliwell said...

Oh god, who is she! She is fabulous! LOL