Saturday, November 11, 2006

Liza Goes EMO!

It's time to get GAY, people! I'm in a Liza kind of mood and thought I would take the opportunity to share her latest recording. Sit down girls because we're not talking showtunes. Instead, Liza has collaborated with EMO rockers, My Chemical Romance, on the song "Mama" from their current album, "The Black Parade".

The boys look quite fetching in their uniforms, don't you think?

This isn't exactly my kind of music but the album is strangely bearable. Obviously "Mama" is the highlight, but as a concept album "The Black Parade" works quite well. I just wish they would swap the guitars for tambourines and throw in the occasional disco beat.

This album is not quite as shit as you might think.

Be warned that Liza's big moment takes place 3:30 minutes into the song, so just close your eyes and think of Judy Garland until you hear Liza's glorious pipes.

Almost as talented as the Minogues.

In the name of maintaining my reputation as a complete pop trash addict, I can't finish this post on a rock number. If you are not familiar with Liza's early material, it's time to get correct! Listen to "Liza With A Z" from Liza's legendary television special of the same name.

I promise to upload more swinging Liza numbers on another day but here are some youtube treats to tide you over!

This is the last time Liza changed her hairstyle. I'm guessing it was in the 60s.

Firstly, Liza's infamous and beyond fabulous drunken rendition of Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone". I almost passed out the first time I saw this, such is its brilliance. The look on Michael's face is just priceless! I would do some bad things for an MP3 of this performance. Watch it here.

Fans of old school gay icons will be creaming their pants over this clip of Liza and the equally amazing Chita Rivera singing a duet from the Kander & Ebb musical "The Rink". Note to self - check to see if there is an original cast recording with these two luminaries. Watch this piece of heaven here.

To up the gay ante just a little bit further, check out these fabulous Liza dolls. It looks like Mr Juan Albuerne has made them himself. This guy has mad skillz and I'm aching for my own little Sally Bowles. Check out these works of art on Juan’s website.

That outfit is fuckin' gay! Bless you, Liza.

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