Wednesday, November 15, 2006

La Toya's Sexbox

I've mentioned La Toya Jackson's "Sexbox" several times, so I thought it was about time I shared the song in case you haven't experienced its splendour. "Sexbox" is arguably Toy's biggest hit, rocketing into the Dutch top 30 in the early 90s! The song is so hilarious that it defies any kind of serious analysis. The producers have thrown in a sample of Madonna's "Like A Virgin", a dose of bad 90s rapping and some of La Toya's most fabulous lyrics.

If Toy's "Sexbox" gets your juices flowing, hunt down "No Relations", which includes "Sexbox", the Grammy nominated "Reggae Nights" and La Toya's leather queen anthem "Submission". "No Relations" can be found pretty easily on Ebay and I think Amazon might still have a few copies in stock.

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